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86 Gofpel Zorn sion. great a burden to the mercy of God as can be in the pardoning of their fin ; if it be fo mighty a work of God to pardon fin, obferve what I fay ; it follows from the point wherein I opened the wonderful work ofGod in pardoning any one fin;think Thus, Is it fo great a work ofGod topardon one fn? Shall I go on then to add fin unto fin to make the work greater? Friend,ifGod pardon but one fin in thought that thou haft been guilty of in all thy lift, it would be a work that would yield thee matter of praife to all eternity ; and wilt thou be fo defperate then as to add fin unto fin?As fuppofe a man had fome grievousdifeafe, and it would be the ftrangeft work to cure him that ever waswrought fìnce the Earth and Heavens were made, if this man Mouldgo on by intemperate courfes , to increafe the maligti;:, *and ve- nom of it day by day more and more ; what a defperate thing would this be efteemed in him, efpecially ifhe were in a pofi- bility of cure ., yea, and perhaps he could tell others, that there is forcepoflïbiliy, andyet he goes on to increafe the malignity more and more ; how would every one think this mans courfes unreafonable ? O that we would confider of the unreafonable- nefs of the dealings of men with God ; men are ashamed to be unreafonable in their dealings with men, but in their dealings with God, theyare as unreafonable as can be imagined ; you areguilty ofmany fins, have you hope to be forgiven ? yes,you will fay, you have hope ; have you hope? if God deliver you from any of your fins, he muff do fuch a work as is greater than the making ofHeaven and Earth : what do you then to increafe your fin, when it is fo great a work to pardon your fin ? O ! the horriblewickednefs ofmen and women to increafe their fin,, ofb. 22.17. Imay allude unto ir, and it is an argumenr ofgreat force, It the iniquityof Peor too little, fromwhich ive are not cleanfe4 to this day ? fo I may fay to finners going on in their fins Is th. iniquity ofPeor too little, fromwhichyou arenot cleanfedto thi. day ? What, is the iniquity of your youth too little that ye committed, and mif-fpentyour Lim? when you were Prentice,or lived in fuch and fuch a family ? _ Is that fin too little to magnif the grace of God in pardoningof it, but that youmuft add more and more unto it, as ifyou would tempt God to try and fee whe- ther God would extend his mercy further and further ? we tell you