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;againft thernfelves for their:fns,& yet all this while,God knows with a defperate, dull, 'dead and fenflefs heart for their fins ; it may bé others that joyn with them, their hearts are broken with their expreffions, and yet in the mean time thy Confcience may tell thee, thy heart is deiperately hard before God, and not fen- fible at all of what thou fpeakeft ; thou wert putting up Peti- tions to God , and yet with as dull and fenllefs a fpirit, as if thou wert fpeaking of a matter of no confequence at all ; this is a high degree of taking the Mired Name of God in vain ; for we are to know, the Name of God in forgivenefs offin is a molt glorious Name, and we had need to take heed how we fpeak to God in this bufinefs, that we take not his Name in vain , will not hold_him guiltiefs that takes his Name invain; we had need to look to the fandifying ofGods Name in thi ,thing : Ma- nya man will think it of himself, that to (wearand blalpheme is a taking ofthe Name of God in vain ? andwhy is it fo? becaufe it is a fin againft the third Commandment, Thwt ]halt not take the Name ofthy God in vain;&c. for my part I cannot but think that to make large Confeflions offn,and yet with a fenfefs dead heart,is a highdegree of taking the Name ofGod in vain ; (mi- flake me not, if thy heart be fenfibleof thy unfenfiblenefs , thou art not of thofe that take the Name ofGod in vain; God accepts of this, it is the rational part of the foul that is taken with this, ánd this is pleading to him, though thou can't not bring the fen- fitive part of the foul up to this thing ; but4 fpeak it of thofe that have got a formality in crying and coy eiling of their fins, and yet are unfenfible of them ; yea, it may be, glory in this, that they can in the Church thus fpeak of their fins, and have fuch expreffions before the Lord ; take heed of this,ifyou would 'hew your parts and abilities, let it be in fomething elfe, and not to come before the holy God, andbefore others in a holy duty tovent your parts and abilities there : it is a dangerous thing for any to meddle fo in this kind, Heb. 9. 22. as he fayes there,wit ho tt fhedding ofblood there remill'ion;fo I may fay without the blood of thy heart, without the bleeding of thy heart there is no remiffion, or at leaft a being fenfible of thy unfenfiblenefs ; if thou canft not mourn, then mourn that thou cant} not mourn , be fenfible of thy unfenfiblenefs, and then God i