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48 bbAbJ.¢AAAAA.1Ab A°,ÿ:. Lell eerb LeAe Lela Le LeSre Ltlre Lelra r.Vrv LL. teIre ttlre Lelta rdt ,? ` rilT*701107htai`Trioit,i910V3Priork a.ricjit,ri"Moritrvkappit -, . _ The Firt, O N The Excellenc,y of Chrill. Here is nothing of greater concernment , than to know God and his Son whom bee bath lent into the world, Even this is eternal life, faith Jolla 7.3. Chril. Wee have therefore endeavoured to open fomewbat to you concerning God, that yen may have rig t apprehennons ool of,that God with-ávliónáyou have to deal, out of that Scripture in Pfal. 148.13. His Name alone is excellent , his glory is above the earth and heaven , and concluded what for the ?relent I intended to prefent before you about God, with the meditation of the excellencyof the late oftheft who have this God to bee their God, who is thus excellent and glorious; The Church makes her boafi of her interef# in God,in Pfa1.84..14. For this God is our dh happy are they that having heard what aglorious God God is, are able to fay, This God is our God,this is m God in whom my foul bath interell ! And if the Name of y bee fo excellent and glorious, as you have heard , there is infinite caufe that we fhould fearhim,und fanelifie his Name in our con - verfations Job 13.1 1. Shall not his Excellency make you afraid ? Oh where is that foul that 'hall dare to walk, be fare this God with boldnefs and prefumptuonfnefi co/doing . _ what