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I . Mofcs hu Setfe-deni~J/1. tnanitie, .Rcligioa, 'God, ronf,icn4:e, . [oules, and an goe, ro they may bee counterraJ)Ced in the World. LatHy, . remember t·he great and fo- . lemneaccountthatyou are togive be- ' fore the Lord another day, of all the : · mercies you have received from God above others, which have been abu~­ dant, which cannot be reck;oncd :and 1f your receipts be fogreat, as you know not ho~ to reckon them, how £hall you be able thfn to reckon fot them'! . S~ rely when y&u come to give an account ofall you <=njoy, you will have orher manner of thoughts of all your outward glory ,then you had·when you conceived there was fo · mU(h happineffe in it. Confider now what /will be · peace to your !oules, when you mufi · bid·an everlafting farew_ell to all thofe things which are fo glorious in your · ·eies,: Doe youthinlc that now you doe :improve ~u tho.fe mercies that God bath given you, fo as when you come upon your death beds, and before the Lord, you lhall be able to lookc backe · ' to yeurformtr time, and rejoice init! The Lord will not regard how you have ~·~----~------~--------------~