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· -·-.- - ,- M,ofes his Self~ deniall. joy~~' andi ott9 !·-~ eut ·hem(el· es to the fu}l.beypn~ all bounds qfmoderati- ' rqh. '' thcy know._ nor_howto n.l'\keany conj -1 hction betw~ene rejoyJJng _ an~ moderation, they tpinke the,re js. f~.ocba difi~nce ~etw~en thefe two, t~at _they can n~"('~ be jo}'qed in on~. : but marke how wid~ thefe are from the minde . of the Holy (;holl:~i~h.t 4-~\ ~ ;·Rejoyce ~lwayes, and ag~i~ lfaJ rtjO:j£-e ; · ~hat-follows~ - then let us let oqt our hearts. to the full, let us fati~ fie · o~ir fc. 1 vc:s)o.. ihe . utmofl: way,no but l~tyour .~o9erati­ .be knowne to all m~n; maoy who 'dire~ not how they neglect full opportunities for the fervice of God, or receiving ·fpirinrall blefiings from G o9, yet wtll. I be fure to take ~o the f_ull :all .th.~ ad-vantage they can of all their outward pro- ! fperit.y -to fatten th'eir heaf!sin.all m~n~ ' l ner ofcarnall joUi~y. and brutifh 'fen{u.. . al_ity: thex ktou~:thd~hearts totli~utmotl to thts, makmg tile bounty of God bur as fuell to their lufis, and meanes to ,_· j f,lt up t~1eir hearts CQ ddl:ru~ion~ and , to make them the '•more bold, and' im- ' pudent in·linning again~ him. . p~e yo~ thinkc in your confde.nc;es . · · · .· · ' that ., I t' ~~------------------------~-=~