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Mofes hu Setfe..deny aU., danghter.,0rany othertothiseffect, that he would not be her heir(', or be.called her fonne, but ad;ions have as lowd a voyce as words. W~en Mofls came down from the .lv!Otmt, his face ihined lo gloriollfly, as rhe people were not able tn behold it !. here his faith raifeth h.im higher then -d-ie Mount,and puts an unexprdlible Jufire and glory upon him~ Here is a \Vorthy ot the Lord indeed, bright and glorious in the iliir)ng btauty of his faith, fet out ~into us in the full e:xprdiions ot it by the holy Ghofi himfelfe. , - By faith [ Mofes] Mofe.r a .man cornpleare every way, fbr his parts admirable, the Holy Ghoft witoeffes of him·, rhar he wlu le/lrned in all the le4rningof the Egyptians: fo AE1s7 zz.Philo lud£ra in vitJ Mofis faies, that there were fent for learned men at exceeding great charge out of forraine parts, to in!!rud him in the liberal! arrs,_ and out of chald£a, fuch as might infirucr him in AHrology, ~elides the moft learned of Egypt ; and Eufebitls cites another, affirming that Mofts was not ondy learned in the learning of the ·EgyptiB l ans tib. ~de prttpar. Evang. c. ult.