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10 Mofes his Selfi-tln~y.all. --- The ehiltiren of NtJhles htSvt an h1nourlliJ/e mentilni• ScriptNre, Ecc/e.x o. 7. Blejfed ~t,rt thofl ()land, when thj King is the fo~ of Nohles. The chief, the Nobles in Ifrael, arc called rhe renowned in· the congregation~ N•rn. 1. 16. and Ifoy). I 3. that _which is tranflated honorAble men, is in the originall their gwy .. and fo by A riM MlntaTJIM, gl1ria ejtlf. The Nobility are the glory of a kingdome, and Iude 8. wheref ome a 're fai<t t@ f peak evil if dig- ' nities,the word isg/Qries,IOe~. Men in eminent places are,or {hould be,tbe glo- .ry of tho!e places., and of the whole countrey where they live. Soul~ nobility is the chief, yet I will not fay the foie nobility ; naturall nobility muil-, have its due refpelt It was a fpeech of/' _ ltJnAdab to AmrJon,· 2 Sam. x 3 -4· why art thlu,~lleing" Ki11gs forme,fo lean from day todA1? As if to be a Kings [on, were enoughtoallay any forrow,tomake any condition full of joy and content : feemeth it a [mal! m~tter { faies David ) I S4111.18. 13.111 !Jeal(ings fonin/4~ '? but o be bo·rn Qf the Kings of the earth is accounted more, this is the higheft no- _ bility;that which is under ir,birth from - other