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, Prcach'er, Ch~leth . the word fignifie& the foule that bath gathered wifaome, or the foule, that is gatqerc;~ to the Church , as fome. , When Da~~Jiel, chap. 4• had the vifion' of the eftate of the foure great Monarchies of the world; the Ptrftan, Chald~­ an, Gr"citt», aRd R6nMne, i.t wa~ fet out unto him by the foure winds; what are all thc- Em ires all thedi nities oft~~ wor ura~ wm ! T · creisnorea t... tie·in thefe bra ye Court things, which are fo admired and magnified by the moft. When Agripp4 and Ikr»ke came in great pompe to the judgement feate, ".A.8s z 5. ~3· it was all bur a m~re fancie,for f 0 the words are in the originall: they came with much phancie. Ho- ; nour is bur a iliaddow, and when it comes from thefe outward things, it .bath not rhe dignity to be fa much as the ihaddow of a fubllance ; for all thefeourward:thingsare as fuJddowe§; . Prov 8. zo•. a r. Wifdorne there faies, thar iliee le4ds in the p4thts if right toN(-' nt/[e, and inthe-mi4flof thf,p4ths ~f juc({e.-i ment, tbat jh1 m4y G4Nfe t.h,fo that love her ,, 91'01-Atl~ fP"-'1-"~~~