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Augu{lid . Ardingrlti parado'1:tt Ie- (uitic4. · To the ReAtfer. comc~deceiver. This made Nab,~ll churliih~ ly deny relide to Daved and his, in thtir di~ ftrdfc. · This nttde Gebo:.i run after N a~t· man' 1 a e a en s of tlve and chan e o arn9cnts. E_li aes excellencte a ·eared in his fe~L~den.1~ . , .~ld_£_ehe~i_:~ a__e~ c in e - ee HI~ .. !fits 1iumour :~-~n .. ~~, ar:d pre- \ l ommant mmott pantcs. . Some great prttenders ofholineffe are pel~ luteq ·and poyfoned W1th this venome. You may fee it in the [cfuiter Ma \ imes and pratl:i{~ : They fay there is nor a mixtu.re in eve-. I ry Congregation ,' Th~ir Society is witho~tt (jHJt or '¥11rinkle , they have a/t livmg , and no deadm~mkers. And agairie, ·their Society C~­ cceds all others in thh·, that they have Amiiots I and Spices, whit:b will preferve them from corrup. ion .t fo that there Are no danger of their I dcgentrattnf, after fome (enturies of years, M o~he~ o.r.dert ha,ve do.J'J!: Happy men, if their .fayings and Societies were the fame. When Sr:crct. z,ilt~ they deal0 With Trinqes and P'otentates ·, they firuc+io (oci- tell thetn n') t of thdr faults, but thofe opinions ctatu Ic(u. · fl..!!ee liberiorem faciunt cot~ftienri.!l/n. ' '' ' Thus they doe advance thetnfd V(:S and their I caufe'. that they may IJe thought theN on-{Nchs 1 , of .the .World; th y boa!l:of chc:ir grace,and fay . the MtJnkJ come ih·::>rt of them , t-hey can dal- , , ly with the fairdt women withoqt danger. I 1:. ' I! aul himfelfe W=!S not fo perfect in that kinde J as . they are. Here is felf~feekjng wich a wit-/ nelfe , they throw down an A poflle to hft up · f themftlve;; they care not who fall, [o they j . -may - ~----------~------------------~------