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deny thefe fi)r him: , ~e.neeqe take no.. care f~r dignities, delights,and riches, o* wha~foev~r may .m1ke us happic; aq~ . glorio~s;there are infinit treafules ~fall . with the. Lotd, ~nd he delights in. th~ communication of them to the cliilcf reo of men. HeAthens accounted the bo·- · , nour tha~ learning_ pui ~pon tnt>n as P.ttrici:u ! 1 great a gl?ry: as that wh1ch ,cam~ by Socrates non places otdtgntty, as SenecA fales ;Of Sofuit, Cleau- crlites ; Patri,i.U.S SocrAt~r Ill» fi•it : S~­ thes ~quam - eratu he was not of the race of the Setraxrt ) F'la- ' · . - · · . ronem 1101e I!ato.rs, and y~t 4onowrable-~ qleAntheJ . acccpit7.Jobi- qrew wat:er. P~ilofophie d}d. DOl ~h7!,~/;~~-- fi!lqe, but made PlAto N<?ble. Wh~t~ · ,.'it. sr.u. fhrcfll they account learning ~o put ho.;; Epift.4+ nourenough upon men to fati~fic them, ~- ·and thall not Chriil:ians think that gt>d~ , .lin.dfe, and the honour ~hich that brings, is fuffident to make them glorious '! Surd y we kno\v not that nearendfc: that godlioeffe bath to' 'God him- (dfc, that irifini~e glorious, firftbeing, from w horn ~~e luftre o~ all t.rue glory pioce.edcs; furely wee knov<~not how high and great tbe thoughts of Go~ ~re towards hi~ people, what honour hee hath, what he will put upon t~em~v~~- ! la£Hngl y,.; :