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·- :z. Mofes his Se/fdeniilll• . did Nehemit~h goe_on in the worke of ' the Lord, notwithftanding that oppofition he had r: fuch conlpirings aga.inll: him., fuch complaints, fuch letters fent 'to informe againft him. Arrd DAvid profeffdh, P{al.119 .1 _~· . ThAt he did meJit4te in Gods Law, tho~gh Prin;es {p4ke -ttg~ti»ft him. SeconJly,appea.re fC)r God and his ' caufe, his truth and his people, though . the iffue may feeme to beedangerous, when noneelfe will: AsHefler did,with that brave refolution of hers, I/ I perifb, I perijb : And NehtmiA!u, who though he i ras fomerhiog afraid at firfi to fpeak . to that Heathenilh King in the behalfe - of his Religion and h~s people, yet having 1 ift up his heart to God, he f pake ' freely unto him.Let not a publike good cau{e bee dallied and blafied, and none have a heart to appeare for it, for feare ofthelotfe of their owne pompe, and carnall delights, J.nd profits; know that the venturing for a publike good, is agreater honour thm the en· joyment of ttny private. Cameririm in , his Hifioric.dl meditations, hath afa.. . mo,us ftory of rhe chiefe Courtiers, in ' the