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,_ 6$ Mofes hiJ Self.detJiafl. give commandement; that the Statue which you have charged Petronius to ereCt in the Temple of 'the :Jtwes may 1 neverbeadvancedthere; thishee did, although he knew it was as· much as his life was · worth, to aske any thing of Caiu5 that was not aniwerab le to his honour. Many Chrifiians would hardly g'oe fo farre in venturif_lg themfelves, either for Church or counrrey; as hee •,I here dtd for the -:t!ePl7es. Theodoret like- TbetJ. li. 4· ".T ~ap. p. wife tells us of a Noble Spirit in one Terentius, a Ca.ptaine of the Emperour P altm·, who being rettlrned out of Arp;enia with a great victory, the Emperour bad him a~ke a reward; hee asked ond y that he would be pleafed to grant to thofe of the Orthodoxe Religion, one pub like Church in Antioch; an~ although the Emper our were angry, and · ·tore his Petition, bade him aske fom'ethingelfe, yet he perlicted in this, and refufed any 'other reward tor all the , fervice he bad done•. Eufeb. , lib. And Eufebius relates a noble cxam5.c.zp.x. pie of a great Nobleman retitlls Ep4g~- thus~appearing in the caufe ot the Chrifiians, not bejngable to bearcthe un1 ' . ft • . ' . . - • I . ~--= . JU-.