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M ofes hiJ Selft-tleniAIJ. influences depend the whole courfc: of the ioferiour world: the people are as the !.ea, and you as the wind to raife or deprcffe them, according to your moti... on. As in evill your examples do much hurr, fo in good they would doe much good: how might godlinelfe be honoured if men faw you toprizeir,foasto fet it above all your honors( many are o1f(nded at the povcny ana meanneffe ofthofe thatprofc:ffe rdigion:you may in great part take away this oftence. In the Annalls wee reade in the hi.. fioric of Charles the great, that there was one Aygolt~ndt~~ aKing of Africa, of theMoht~mttt~Tieflll, who had much war with ChArles the gr~at,& that he might . the bettermake·peace with him,he told· him that hedefired to bee a Chriftian. · Charles being giad of that, tooke him with him to the Court, where this AJgolandm faw thirty poore people, in meane habits, 1ying on the ground, and eating without any cloath: hee ask~d Charles what they w~re; who anfwe.. red him, they are t~ fervants of God. (For Ch11rle~ was wont to nourilh poore people at h1s Courr, on ptirpofe that he might ~ 79