Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Parr. r.SeCr.r. MattcrofMelancholy. ofthejjecies or kindesofMelancholy. Hen the matter is divers and confufed, how lhould it otherwife bc-, but that theCpecieslhould be divers and confufed~ Many new and old writers have fpoken confufedly ofit, confounding MelanchQly and Madne(fe, as z fieurniH<, GuianeriH<, Gordonill4, SaltJftt114 'LNontfl Ma< Saf.vMm•s ,Iafon Pratenfts,Savanarola,that will have Madnejfe no other then ~~;:t;~;~~(o Melancholy in extent, differing (as I havefaid) in degrees. Some make two b cap.G.t•b.r. difrind fpecies, asRujfusEpheflusan old wrtter, Conftantmusvlfrtcanus; ;;::~·h;;~$9 Aret£/IS, ' Aurelian11s, Paulus A!.gmeta: others acknowledge amulmude of omnifariu.. kindes, and leave them indefinite, as b lEtius in his TetTAbiblos,' vi vmnna f;:fr~ci;:.;~J<­ lib.3.Fen.r.Trafl.4.cap.r8. Arculanuscap. r6.ti'J9.R.fis. Montanus med. dsiaJur.ru• part. 1, d lfnalllrall Melancholy be adujf,it nMketh one kinde;i{ bloud,another; naturali• ,.,_ ifcholer,athird,dtjferingfrom the ftrjl;andfo many (everallopinions 1here are fi,"Z~~i7,:"l abo11t the kindes, ,u there be men themfelves. • El ercules de Saxont4 fets down fonl!'u •li•~ two kintles, material/ and immatenaU; onefrom fPirits alone, the otherftom f/~~9 bit~ alia, htmmmand (pirits.SavanarolaRub. II . Trac1. 6 . t·ap. r. de ..gritlld. capita, ~Z~;{;x~~­ willhavethe kinds to beinfinite;onefrom themyrach, called myracl.ialisof 'ff/""' b.. theArabtans ;anotherfto,whalu, from the.ftomacke; another from the it- 1Y{g:~;~~:: 'V er,heart,wombe ,hcmr~ds :'onebegtnmng, another conji<mmate. ·Melanfibqn [ent•nti•, ("" feconc!s him, f M the humour if dwer{ly aduft andmixt, [o are thejje;ie; di,-ip/illumero vers: but what thefemenfpeake of(pecies, I thinkc ought to be underfiood:(i'f,:411.J, mel' offymptomes,and fo cloth g Arculanus interpret himfdte :infinite fpecies, id '"P-7 · ' qr,fymptomes: and in that fenCe, as Io. Gorrheus acknowledgethin his me- •. ~•dam it>) dicinall definitions,the fpecies are infinite, but they may be reduced to three cz::~:~J,":.: kindes, by rea[on oftheir feat; El ead,Body ,and fiypocondries. This threefold mata , divilion is approved by fliPJocrates in his booke ofMelan~holy, (if it be his, ~~~~J:.=~· · wh1chfomefufped}by Galenltb.3.deloc. affeflu cap.6. by Alexanderlib.r. ~arie aJurif!R cap.r6. Rafts lib.r.Continent. Trafi.9.lib.r. cap. x6. Avicenna,and mofiof & miftellll' . om·new writers.Th.Erajf~ts makes two kindes;one perpetuall,which is El ead ?if:.;;:-;:;::;. melancholy; the other interrupt,which comes and goes by fits,which he fub- arnentium/Pcdividesinrotheothertwokindes,f~thatallcome~tothe fame palfe. Some~~~ .,6.in agame make foure or five kmdes With Rodericus a Cajfro de morbi< mulier. ltb;J,, ·fit ltb.~.cap.3.andLod.Mcrcatus, who in his fecond bookede mulier. ajftll. cap+ will have that melancholyofNunnes,Widowes, and more ancient Maids, to be apeculiar fpecies of ·Melancholy differing from the refi: fome wtll reduce Emhuliafres, 'extatica)land dxmoniacall perfons to this ranck, h l.aurt~tillll addmg h Love melancholy to the firfr, and Lycanthropia•. Themoft received cap.~.Jemel~ divilion is into three kindes. The firfr proceeds from the foie fault of the liraine, and is calledfieadmelancholy: the fecond fympathetically proceeds fr?m the whole body, when the whole temperature is Melancholy: The third anferh from the Bowels,LIVer,Spleene, orMembrane, called Mefenterium, !lamed Eiypocondri.call,or windie Melancholy, which i Laterentius [ubdivides i cap.• >i mto three parts, from thofe threeMembers, Hepaticke, Splenati;ke, Me(eriacke. Lovemelancholy, whtch Avmnpa calls Ilifhi:and Lycanthropia, which . E~ ~ .J