Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

I I zl9 THE J SECOND PARTITION. THECVREOF .. ~ .. ;, M ELAN CH0 LIE· Pnlilrvfo!l Cures rejefled; Nveterafe Melancholy, ho~roever it may feeme robe a conrinuate, inexorable difeafe, hard to be cured, ac- . . companying them to their graves mofi part, as':f.!on-, C®ftt.•;i: tanu; obferves, yet many tim'es it may be helped, even)'~ Abbate _. that which is mo11 violent, or at leafi, according to the ;~;~ftt. •;.aut f:1me b Author, it may be /nttigated and mtuheafod. Ntl curabilur,aut dejperand11m. It may be hard to cure, but not impolli- ;.;;<;.~[.";,[[;.' ble for him that is mofi grievoully affeCl:ed, ifhee bee but willing to bee ' helped . .Upon this good hope I will proceed, uling the fame method in the Cure; which I have formerly ufed in the reh,earling of the caufes;firfi General,then P artict~lar;and tholeaccording to their feverall fpecies.Ofthefecuresfome be Larvfolt,[ome againe Vnlarvftdl, which though frequent, familiar,and often ufed, yet ju1Hy cenfured,and to be confroverted. As firfi, whether by thefe diabolical meanes,which are commonly praCl:i(ed by the devil and his Minifiers,Sorcerers,Witches,Magicians,&c.by Spells,Cabalifiicalwords;: Charmes, CharaCl:ers,Images, Amulets, Ligatures; Philters, Incantations; &<1.this difeafe & the like may be cured~ and ifthey may,whether it be law" ful to make ufc ofthem,thofe magneticall cures,or for our good to feek after fuch meanes in any cafe~ The firlt whether they can do any fuchcures,is quefiwrredamongHmany writers, fomeaffirn\ing, fomedenying. valefiuJ &ont.med.ltb.5 .~ap.6.Malleus Maliftcar, Heurniui, lib.3 .pr#f. med,~ap. z8• Ff . C£littl