Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

DE "o c 11 z Tu s t8 the Reader. Thus DemocritiiS e!leemed of theWorld inhis cinie,and this was the caufe of hislaughter:andgoodcaufehehad. , . . r D · ·J , ~EGr«.ep•t· ~ olim jure quidem, nunc P"IS em_omte rtue J . · · .f<!!_in riJn? .,,. hA& nunc mage ndtculaejf., z;.,mcritus did well to laugh of old, Good caufehe had,but nowmuch more, This life of ours is more ridiculous Then that of his, or longbefore. Never fo much caufe of laughter, as now, never fo many fooles arid ;;;::rervema; jnad.men.'Tis not one Y Democritus wil ferveturn to laugh in thefe daies, foJiic?:::::,:;:; wehavenowneedof aDemocritus to laugh at Demomtus,one Je!lerto ~:::~;~~; flour at another, one fooleto fleare at anocher.A great StentonanD~mo. ridtatEr•J. "itus, as big as chat Rhodsan C9lof{us. Fornow,as • S~tluburunfts fa1d 1n M•ri•. . . his time, totrumrmdus h'.ftrionemagit, the wholewo~ld playes the foole; ~.!;~~;';;~· we have a new theatre, a new fcene, a new comedie of errors, a new rron. • company of perfonateadors,volupi4 fMra(asCalc11gninus wittily feigns: Ubiamntl inhis Apologs) are celebratedall ~he world over,~ where all the actors .. ~~~r::,:;';',; weremad-men and fool•. and ever•P houre changed habits, ortook that badie naur•• whichcame ne~r. He chat wasa _Mariner today, is an Aporhecarie to;;::!;t:fj; morrow; a fm1ch onewh1le, a phdofopheranother,m hrs volupt£ ludff;Jober, ""' a king now with his crowne, robes, fcepter, attendants, by and by ~harltl4copola, drove a loaded alfe before him like a Career, &c. If Democritus were ;'::,.~~~f:"' alivenow, he !hould fee ftrangealterations, anew·companyofcounter- foeHitio,r;.,.; feitvizards, whitlers, C11mane alfes, maskers, mummers,~aintedPup. !!.'~!';:;11 pets, outfides, phanta!l1ck !hadows, gulls, monlters, g1ddy-heads, amifluHenributter-flies. And fo many of them are indeede (Y if all be true that I culo,afinuTII ' have read) For wh~n Jupiter and Juno's wedding was folemnized ofold, :~;:0%~"111 the gods were allmv1ted to the feaft, and many noble-men befides: y calcagni... !\mong!l the reft ~ame Cryfalru a PerflAnpr!"ce, bravely attended, ri~h f!;:;..~?~;: m golden attires, m gay robes, w1th amaJe!ltcall prcfence,but ocherw1fe diver, lll4nicato anaffe. The gods feeinghimcomeinfuchpompeandftate, rofe up toP'fio(9'riar• give him place, .ex habitre ho"!iTJ~m metientes; • but Jupiter perceiving ~Z1f::;;'(.. what hewas,alrght,phantalhck,ldlefellow, turned h1m andh1sproud """""""fili< followers inr~ butter:flies : and ~o t~ey continue frill (for ought I know f{.'i:';f];~t':i tothecomrane) rovmg about m p1ed.coats, and arecalled Chryfalides •.lfo•guntdii, by the w1fer fort of men: that is, golden outfides, drones,flies, & things 6'c. . • of no worth. Multicudesoffuch &c . >seJI>om,., ' ~ l~vttatem ]u..._ -ttbique invenies !!::~ ,f':,IP,; Stu!tos avaros,fycophanW pmJigos~ · (i11fuir) •fl• M dd . , . ' tombilio,(g'c. any a mons, much mcreafe of madnelfe,folly,vanitie,lhouldDemD- prarinufi; ~·· critus o~ferve, were he now ~o trav~lJ,or_c~uldg« l~ave of Pinto to come~:://: :;;;,•i· feefa!h10ns, as ChAron d1d m Luctan to vifit our Cities of M~ronia Pit~, "'"fa •fl· C9' . andMorontAF<t>ltx,furcl think he would break the rimmeofhis belly rnorraltt i.Je With laughing Cbry(al•.'<~'llo- . • <ant buJU[mo~l ~ Si foret in terr~ rfderet Denmritw, flu qf; ~t"''· :Q ~ - --, · · A faty~ •v<n,