Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

The Argument ofthe Fromi(peice. TEn din in Cl: Squares here feene aparr, 6 Benwh them lauding on hiJ /met, Are joyn•d in one by Cutters art. .A Superflirious rmn you foe: He [affes,pr•yes,'on his Jdoljixt, 1 old Democrirus under a tree, Tormented hope and feare betwixt: Sils on a j1D11e with booke on knee l , For hdlperhaps he takes more paint, .Abo11t him hang there many (eatum, Then 1ho" dDji,Heauen il filfe togaillt. ojcmes,Dogg" andJitch likecrea/rms, .A/1t4 poore Soule, Ipilie thee, 0 f'•vhich he makeJ <.Anatomy, What jlarm inclin'd theejo to be! The feat ofMscke choler to fee, Over hr< head appeam the skye, .And Satiirne Lordofrmlancboly . z Totb'le(t aLan/J{kip of.Jealoufie, Prefints it jelfe «ntoJhim eye. A KingfifiJer,d Swan, anHernt, Trvofighting Cockp you may drfoane, Two roarting Bt~lles each ot/Jer hit; 1'0 a.lfar•/t CODCCf!ling Yenery. SjmboltJ are thefi,I foy noe mort; Conceiue the rejl bj tha~'s afore, 3 Thene.w ojSolitarineffe, A portraitllre doth well exprtjfe, By 'flee ping dog, cat: Buck.f and Doe, Ilam, Conies in the de[art goc: JJatw,orvles tb~Jhady borvttsover, In melancholy darknejfe hovtt, MarkeweU: Iftbtnotas'tjhouldbt, Blame the bad[l!lter andnot me, 4 Jth; under Col111fl~t there doth jland, Inamoraro rvitb (oldtd hand. · Downe hangu hi& htad, tcrft andpolite, Somedittit [ure he doth indite. His I lite and boo~es 'aborJI him lye, .AJ (Jmptomes ofhis vanity. If this doe not moughdi(c!o(t, To paint him,take thy ftlft byth'lloft, s Hypocondriacus leanu on llis ~rme1 Winde in his fide doth him IJ!IICh harme, And troubles himfuU[ore 'God kn~wu, VII uch paint he bath andmany woes. t.About hir» pmes andglaffe• lye, Ntrvly brooght from'• Apothe&41'h Thi& Saturne~satpetls fignifye, 7' ~ufoe them portraid in the siqe. 7 B11t fee the Madman rage dow11eright Withfnriou• lo.kes,ag-Jily fight • Nakedin chaines bo11nd doth he lye, <.Androares <mainc lie knmes not why/ Obftrue him,for .u in agl!!lft, Thine Angry portraiJu;e it was. His pitlure k.ftpe jliU i1> thy prtfonce, Twixt him andthu,thcr's nodiffirellct. I 9 Borage andHellebor jiUtwo fieanu, Sovtraigneplants to purge the vtinu, Ofmelancholy, ana cheare the heart, Ofthofi hlack,.efumes whichm<f.t it[mart, To cleare 1be Braine ofmijlyfogges, Which dull ourfln{tl, andSoule clogges. 'I he bejl mtdicine that ere Godmade For this malady,i(welt ajJaid. 10 NorvlajlofaOtofiUap!m, Preflntedis tbe Authors face; <.Andin that habit rvilichhc wearts, His Image to the world appearu. His minde no art C411 well exprejft, 'That by his writings you may guefft, It was not pride,nor yet vaineglory, (Though others do it commonly) Made him doe this: i[yo11 mrifl know, The Printer wouldmcdt ha11e 11 fa. Thm doe notfowl!t or foo/fi •t it, Deridenor,or detrat1 awhit. Forfrmly a1 thou dDjl hy him, He will doe the {ame againt, T.htD loo~e upon't, hehold and fee~ As thouliJUI it,fo ttli~es tbee, And I for it wiUJlandin view, 'Thine tHPmm1nd, Reader Adew.