Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

DE M o c R z Tu s to the Reader. 63 dfeCt.ed,F.(fpub.chri(fianopolitana,Campanella:s city ofthe Sun,and that new Atlantu,wirry fiCtioo.s,but meer C~tmera s ,and Rlatoes commumtY. in many things is impious, ,abfurd and nd1culous, lt t~kes away all fplendor and magnificence. I w1ll have fevera! order.s,degrees ofnob1hty,and thofe hereditary,nor ~eJeCtmg yonger brothersmthe mean nme,for they lball befufficiemly prov1ded for by penfions,orfo quahfied, brought up in fome hone!i calling,rhey fhal be able to hve ofrhemfdves.I w1Jl have [uch aproportion of ground belonging to every Barony, he that buyes theland,ihall buy thcBarony~hethar by riot confumeshispatrimony, & ancient demeanes ,!hall forfeit h1s honours.As fome d1gnmes fhal be heredirary,fo fomeagain by eleCtion,or by gift (befides free offices, penfi, ons annuities)like our Bijhoprtcks,Rrebei'lds, the Bajfa's palaces m Tf'rky, •.. the l, Procurators houfes &offices in Venice, which like the golden Apple, h Sec Contare~ lball be given to the worthieH and beft deferv.ing both in war and peace, ";;,~~:£,;~': as a reward ofthmworrhand good ferv1ce, as fo many goalesfor all to Emanu,lis. aime at,( honos alit arteJ) and encouragements to others. For I hatethffe fevere,unnaturall,harfh, Germane ,French, and Venetian Decrees,.which exclude Plebeians from honours, be they never fo wife, rich, verruous, "clau<lian.l.l valiant, and well qualified; theymufi not bePatritians, but keepe thei~ ~~%"!::~. owne rank,this is natur& be/lum tnfirre, odwus to God and roen,l abho( ewn ..fgyptii it. My forme ofgovernment fhall be Monarchical!, La<edemonii i~ "--mmquamliberttUgratior extat, :~//:!':u':,nt>,_ ~amfub Regepio,&c. . pr.cone(,tibi- · few lawes,but tho[efeverely kept, plainly p~tt downe,and in i-be mod1e~ ,;~"·"1-"~<14'. tongue,that every m.anmay underHand. Every city filallhave a peculiar ~~;~~8:,.,..,_ trade or priviledge,by which it ih,all bechiefly maintaineq:; and P«ren.r~ atifici•fo•ct- · lball teach their children,ooe ofthree at leafi, bring up and infiruCt them :u:::[:;g:'f.~'!' in themyfieriesof their owne trade. In each towne rhefe felferall t~adef- '"'· ($' 24rer!lll men fiMll be foaptly dilpofed, as they fiull free the re!t from danger Qt 'l":J"fiveoffence:Fire-trades,as Smiths,Forge-men,Brewers,Bakers.Metal-men, :::;· p,;;:, 'f."!-: &c.fi1all dwell apart by themfelves: Dyars,Tanners, FeU-mongers,aod ~i"t•JI·ldt"' fuch as ufe water, in convenient places by rhemfelves: noyfome or ful- ~{';,~/; ~>; fome for bad fmels,as Butchers fiaughter-houfes;Chandters, curriers,in Lujir<WJ.fCcremote places,& fome back lanes.Fraternities and companies,! approve: ~iu• <kS:inu. of,as Merchants Burfes,Colledges ofDruggers ,Phyficia!t!>, Muficians, dt/£'f:r':/: &c. Bur all trades to be rated in the fale of wares, as our Clerkes of the "'~·••1'· ,., ' market do Bakers and Brewers; Corne it [elfe, what fcarcity foever !hall ~1f•Y'"' 7 • come, not to exceed fuch aprice. Of fuch wares as are rranfporred or aJ ~f~~=·~~ brought in,kifthey be nece!fary, commodious, and fucb as needy con- "i(4ria &- . cern mans ife,as corn,wood,cole,&c.&fuch provilionwe can.notwant, ~~:;;;;,:::~ •. I w!ll have lutle or no cufiome pa1d, no taxes; but for!uch rlungsas are nuu~•Jdopen.J; forpleafure, delight, or ornament, as wine,fpice, to~ncco, lilke, velvet, ~~~~f;';~,t,· cloth of ~old,lace,Jewels?&c . agreater1mpofi. I :v•ll have certain !hips l<~i...,4o . .,.. ~em our for new d1fcovenes every year,l &fomedifcreermen appointed :;',""':;;ulr. to travel mto allne1ghbour kmgdomes by land,which fhalobfervewhat ,./:.?,1, v~­ amfinall mvennons, and good !awes are in other Countries, cufiomes, r nrapudexre~ alterations,or ought elfc, co~cerning wa~· or peace, which may tend to r:';:~~W'~.~~­ tl!~commongood.EcclefiafilcalldlfCJpline,pmes Epiftopos, [ubordlnate ,pj41ur. - a:>