Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D • "o c R 1 Tu s to the Reader. 73 moft part fome gullilh humour or other, by which they are led; one is an 9 H"' fer.'· Epicure,anAthe1fr1afeconda gameftcr, a thud a whorcmafter, (fit fub. fot.4 • jetls all for aSacyn!ltowork upon,) . . :~•!":• t•;•: --9 Hie nuptarummf~rut amorzhtiS, htcpuerorum, . ~1.~:,,1fr,: roneis madofhawking, huntmg,.cockmg.; another of caroufing, horfe num.venanJi riding, [pending; a fourth ofbuildmg,fighnng,&c. ~~~:t::/:f"• Infamtveteruftatu/U Damajippus emendo, Yi-t; .. <MEn• .z>amajippushathanhumourofhis owne, tabe talkt of: fHeliodortts the fHd"J' .'"' . Carthaginiananother.Ina word, asScaligcr c_oncludesofchem all, they ;J;~~~~~~'jjt are Statu£ erefl.tftultttt.t,the very Hatues or plilars offolly. Chufe out of orbu fo"oph'.: . all !l:ories himchat bath been moll: admired,you ~ul !l:il find,multaadlau. s;:;;~~j:;t::~. dem,multaadvitnperaflonemmagnifica,as •Beroj11s of Semtramu; omnes dier,& ut vimortales militia,triumphii,divitii<,&c. tJtm & /,.xu, c.tde, C4terifq; v;tu• derem anquu •ntecqlit ,as lhe had fome good,fo had lh~ m~ny bad parts. 0 0 '.:,~~z~:rz Alex~nder aworthy man, but funous mh1s anger, overtaken mdrmkc·: aJ.b.c toca pe" C.tfar and Scipio valiant and wife, but vain-glorious, ambitious: r ejfajian nmarer. orr" aworthy Prince,but covecous:<•H annibal ~she had mighty vermes,fo had :·u:: b~~; he many vices; unam vtrttltem m<llc vttta com:tantttr, 2s lo1aahtavd of wo,ke,whioh Co(mus Medices, he had cwo di!l:inct perfonsi.n him. I willdetermineof7u[fc~,':'"''"' them a!,they are like thefe doubleor turmng pH~tures;!l:and before wh1ch, u Li':Ji.lngenyou fee a fairemaid,on theone fide an ape,on the other an owle;look upon '" v.rturerin, them at the fir!l fight all is well,but farther examine, you !hall finde them ~·;:::~;f. wifeon the one fide, and fooles on the other; in fome fewthings-praife quuambiti•n~ worthy, in the rd1: incomparably faulty. I will fay nothing of their difea- =~• "'::b"'" fes, emulatioos, difcontems, wants, and fuch mifeties-; let poverrr plead. ~~;[~.!' the refr in <.Ariftophanes Plutus. q.C... . l~>uria~ Covetous men amongll others, are mofi ~a?de, •they haveall the 'ft:~~~{';t;~­ ,Symptomes ofMelancholy,feare,fadnelfe, fufp1C!OI3, &c. as !hall be pro- y cronica staved in his proper place, . . ::;,:~·::7~~; D anda tfl H e!leborz mtdtopars maxmaavarll. <a)K4 pectmia And yet mechinkes prodigals aremuch madder then they, beofwhat i~ increJibicondition they will, that beare apublique or private purfe; as a r Dutch ~·~t:J""'·r~. writer cenfured Richard the rich Dukeof C ornwal, fiting eo be Emperour, his:,,;:::, for his profufe (pending, qui etfuditpecuniamAntepedes principumElelfo. foone P"~ed. rumJicut •.quam, chat fcattered.mony like water ;I do cenfurechem, Stulta :~;;~;;~:,"'/}' Anglta(fauh he)qu.e totdenarmJlonte eftprzvataJ!ultzprmcrpesAlemam,., auda:c ""vig;et qui nobile JUS Juum pro pecunia vendiderunt; fpend-thrifts, bribers, and ~"''CJ'.'p· 1 bribe-takers are.fooles,and foare •all they that cannot keepe,disburfe,or /;,:;:,;:.:•· fpend their momes well. movetur,naut« I might fay the like of a~ry ,peevilh,.envious,ambitious;' ..A nticyr~t~ ~':::;;.-v::{'!'; meltorforbcre mer M a<; Ep1cures, Athe1frs, Sch1fmat1kes, Heretikes ;. hi r.unr,aqua.in- ~mnes habent imagmatisnem l.efam (faith Nymanmu) and I heirmadneffe.fanaqu• fi• fh U l "d r· b I. ,. • "Jr jrmtJt,(p'c.an a oeev1 ent, ~ 1m.3~ 9· FauAtus an ita tan,holds fea.fanng menall jallatur,&<. mad; theJh•p I! mad,forzt neverftands.ftz/1: the marriners are mad toex- 1#i ""'~ft pofe them[elves to (itch imminent d4ngers :thewaters areraging mad:inper. ~~:;:,':::'::!!"" petuallmot1011: the wzndes are ao m"d IU the reft, they know not whence they mrafugienr, come, whithtrtheywottldgoe: And thofe men are madde(f ofAll that goero ·~· mar~inv<, fea ;foronefoole At home, theyjinde fourty abroad. He was amad man chat ~~~o;f,;[. K faid