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Chap. I. An Expofitionupon the BookofJ O B. Verl7. have been doing ; Thus Mr. Broughton tranflates, From fearch- ing to andfro iii the earth , noting his exac`tnefs of enquiry in his travels. Then fecondly, it noteth the unkindnefs ofSatan. He is anun= quiet, a refuels fpirit, being call out of Heaven he can rat no where. A foul that is once difplaced and out of the favour of Gód, hath no place to repofe in afterward. Now faith he, all my bufinefs is walking to and fro, going up and down, Satan bath no veil: As the fentence ofCain was, Gen. 4. when God had cat him out of hisprefence, thou (halt be a fugitive and a vagabond, thou (halt donothing but run up and down the world as long as thou livcul.. Satan is fuch a fugitive, a vagabond, one that runs up and down in the world, he is an unfetled, an unquiet fpirit, they who are once departedfrom God, can never find reJt in any creature, but running to and fro is their condition and their curie. Thirdly, Some underffand it thus, that Satan makes Cas it were) a recreation of his tempting and drawing men to Hell. Sa- tan cannot poflibly in a proper fence, take any comfort or be re- frefhed, but as one Both well exprefs it, he himfelf being loft, undone and damned, Peeks to comfort himfelf bÿ undoing and rpfe ¡erditur damning others.It is a joy to fomé tohave companions in forrow. perdendir ho All Satans delight (if wecan conceive he hath any deli ht is in ria qu minibus it. this, in makingothers as bad andmiferable as himfelf. Th'refore it may be he calls his trade offeduCl:ionand deftrudion, walking up anddopy* in the earth, as men are laid to walk up and down for refrefhing and recreation ; he (peaks of it, not as of force toil- fome hard journey, but as ofwalking for delight : But I conceive the former to be more proper. Take two or three Notes from this Firft, Here we may obferve, That there is no place in the world that can fecure a man from temptation,' or be a Sanîluary from Satans affault.For Satangoeth to, and fro through the earth, he is an ubiquitary, he frays no where, but runs every where. It is the folly of Popifh Votaries, that think toPhut themfelvesup in walls from the temptationsOf Satan ; Cloyfters are as open to Satan as the open field. Satan walketh to andfro through the .earth. Secondly, we may notehere 'the wonderful diligence of Satan, Satan is very aC7ive to do mifchief; He walketh to and fro, As Peter.