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Anno )55z. To the Reader. (as he then fuppofed) and faddeft declining Age of the world. Ferus (a PopiíhFrier, but very devout according to the Devotionof that Religion) Preacher at Mentz, chofe this Scripture in the time of War and publick Calamity, (as the Titlealfa of his Book holds forth) to comfort his Citi- zens. In his fourth Sermon he makes this obfervable digref lion. You know(faithhe to his Hearers) that l began to expound this Hiftcryof job , to the end I might comfort and exhort you to patience in thefe troublefome times. This was and ismy Intendment , thismoved me tohandle and explain this Boo(. But now inmy veryEntranceupon it, the Storm groinsfo black,that Ifeeyou amazed, dejeét- ed, and almofi defperate : Some are flying, others are pre- paring to fly ; andin this great Calamity, noman is found . to comfort his Brother : Butevery one increafes his Neigh- bours fear, by his own fearfulnefs. Hepre fcribes (as far as their Principles will admit) Cordials for the revivingof their fpirits, and medicine for the cureofthefe diftempers. The whole Book of sob, is a facredShop, ftor'd with Plenty and Varietyofboth : that you may open your hearts to re- ceive andwith wifdom to apply the confolation and Infiru- ilions here t ender'd from thispart of it,is,(and through the ftrengthofChrift) fhall be, thede f re andprayer of Novemb. 8. i643. Your very loving' Friend and Servant for the help of your Faith yofeph Caryl.