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i ro Chap. , a. .eln Expofition upon the Book. of J O B. li Verf. g did not know that Igave her corn, and wine, and oyl, and multi' plyed'hcr flyer and gold which the beftowed upon Baal, therefore I will come andrecover it, faith God. You having received this, you ought tohave fcrved me with it. You fee howGod upbraid- eth David, a Sam.' 2. 7, 8. I anointed thee, Kingof Ifrael, andI delivered thee out of the hand of Saul, and I gave thee thy Matters houfe, and thy Matters wives into thy bofome, and ifthis had been .tio little, 1 mould moreover havegiven thee (itch and fetch things. Flom is it then that thou haft defpifed the Commandment of the Lord, to do evil in hisfight ? As ifhe íhould fay, the more I be- flowed upon thee, the more obligations thou fhouldfi feel thy felf under to obeyme faithfully. In the third place, It is lawful to have fame refpea to benefits both received and promifed by wayofMotive and encouragement to air us rap and quicken us, either in doingor futfering for God. liIfes, Heb.. a I. 26. had refpeel to the recompence of reward; therefore it is not unlawful ; and Chrift himfelf, Heb. 12. 2. look- ingat the joy that was let before him. There are examples be- yond all exceptions, that refpet may be had to benefits and blef- rings received or expelled. Fourthly, Then reference unto benefits is finful whenwemake it either the foie and only caufe, or the fupream and chiefcaufe of our obedience. This makes any thing we do fmell fo of our felves that God abides it not : whenwe refpet our felves, either alone, or above God, God bath no refped at all to us. As Chrift taxes thole john6. You didnotJeekme, but the loaves ; to have refpet to the loaves more then to Chrift, or as much as to Chrift, is to have no refpeCl; at all to Chrift. Thus when the Sichemites, Gen. 34.23. admitted of circumci- fion,,and fo gave up themfelves as a Covenant -people to 'God, here was all the argument they propored to themfelvcs, Shall not their cattel, and theirfubftance, and every beaft oftheirs be ours? What beafis were thefe Sicbemites, what fhadows of Religi- on, who would take upon them this badge of Religion for the gain ofbeafis and worldly fubftance ? Such pure refpec;ts to our felves, defile all our fervices, and render our perfons odious unto God. Therefore in all our dutiesand holy fervices, we nauft fet the glory of God in theThrone, that muff be above ; and thenwe may feet defirts ofHeaven and Glory gn the right hand, we may fet the