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Chap. I. AnExpofition upon the BookofJ O B. Vert ó. r 2 r a diligent hand ; therefore it is laid here, that God bleffed the work of Job'shands. Ví7 and be doing, and the Lord (hall be w:th you. Godwill not be with us, unlefs we be doing. God doth not love to biefs thofe that are idle ; it we be doing, God will be blctling; his being with us, is put for his alting and profpering us. So it,is indeed in all things.God lothnot work that we thould lit fill,nor biefs to the intent that we thould donothing. As it is in the 7th ofludges, They proclaimed the Sword of the Lord, and of Gide- on, thofe two muf-t.go together. Would you be bleffed with pro - tehion'? you muff labour toproteh your felves.Do not think that theLordwill protect you with your hands in your pockets; and your Swords rutting in youríheathes while you labour in the( times of danger to defend your felves, you may expect defence from the Lord. How unbecoming is it for you now to (rand fill and fay, Lord helpus ? We mutt indeed Rand )Dill ( as Mores counfelled the people, Exod.'14. 13:) in regardoffear and all, dence, but beware of handing still in regard ofcare and diligence, as ever you hope to fee the Salvation of the Lord. The Sword of the Lord andofGideon mutt be cryed up at once ; thofe two mutt go together. . There is a fourth point that we mull obferve allo from the con- ne&tion ofthe two fentences in the Text. Thou haft bleffed the work of his hands, and his fubftance is increafed in the Land. The bleßng of God where it falleth it cfjcanal. If God loth but biers, we Ihail increafe, there is no queffion of it; if God doth but bleu, we !hall increafe mightily. Thou haft bleffed him, andhe is increafed: It is the word that followed the firlt blefling after the Creation, Gen. 1. 28. Godbleffed them,andfaid unto them, befruitful and multiply. Blefli ng and multiplying go together ; the blefliug of God is a powerful bleflìng, It is mighty in operati- on, and carrieth all before it. You know what a ítrong Opinion Balakhadconcerning the bletling ofBalaam, Numb. 22. 6. I wot (faith he) that he whom thoublefefi- is blued, and be whom thou curfefi wcurled; A front/ conceit, and but a conceit. As there are many at this day as strongly conceited of theblefling of that Balaamofthefeven hills, that Melling, but cuffed Prophet. If they can get but a bletiìng from the Pope, they think all is fate. Ifthey can but get a bietièd Sword '(fach fame have obtained) to do a curled ad; to cut the throats of Gods people, - or of their Prince, it mutt needs be effeé ual. You know there was -a blehTed: Standard