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.r 52 Chap. r An Expofition upon the Bookof J O B, Verf. 4. denly all is gone, The Oxen were taken away, and the Affes that fed by them. But whomade this attempt? The meffenger informs that in the next words : . And the Sabeanr fell upon them. from , .. The Sabeans] The Hebrew is, Saba fellupon them, the Country `I]] put for the people, Saba for theSabeans. As we ufe to fay, Spain made war,and France made war,that is,the Spaniardsmade war, or theFrench made war ; fo it is fuch an expreflion, Saba fell up- on them, that is,the people inhabiting Saba. Fell upon them] The word noteth a mighty violence,they came upon them as from above, they carne powring down upon them like a form. There is fuch a phrafe inwar, when they go vio- lently upon a place, they are faid to form the place, to form the gates ofa Cattle, orof a City ; fo here, they fell upon them, that is, they came violently upon them like a form. In Prov, r. 27. defrufion is defcribed to come upon wicked men like a whirl- wind. Sabxos autern TheSabeans were a people (as it is concluded by moft ihter- intelli reters) inhabiting Arabia elix , near the Country why` re Job gé, qutlatro- dwelt : And for the manners ofthefe people,it is obferved byHi- tinüt dediti erant unclepa- tiorians, that they were a people famous only for robberies,a peo- fieriorætas cos pie that lived by pillage and by plundering of their neighbours, Saracenosap fuch a people they were ; Thefe Sabrons fell upon them, they took Sara u: a away thy Cattel, and haveHain thy fervants with the edge the Sara ut qui- á o f damfor/infant, Sword. fed a Saros Here it may be queflioned, How or why thefe Sabeans at fuch verbo Arabico, a time fhould fall upon the eitate ofJob?What hurohad Job done gu d furori them ? Job lived in fair waywith all his neighbours, andkept neiatrocinifi at.7.)nlndde quarter good c and correipondence with them ; he was not a man ilaric.Fur. ofwar or contention, how then cometh it to pafs that thefe fell Latro. oruf. upon Jobs eflate and took itaway, and upon that day too, in this in lot. nickof time. 25á4414'19' As when theWidow ofTekaah had told a fair tale to David about the bringing back ofAbfolom, the King asked her, Is not the hand ofJoab with thee in all this ? So when you feefuch men, Sabeans andChaldean falling upon the efate of Job, you may demand, Is not the hand of Satan in all this? Yes, no doubt. Thefe Sabeans fall upon Jobefate, but Satan HI fell upon the Sabeans