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154 Chap. I. AnExpofitionupon the Bookof) OB. Verf. r4. Henot only prefents fuch and fuch a thing,fuch and fuch an op- portunity, but he calls in and injec`s the motion. as it is Paid of Judas, that the Devilput it into his heart to betray Chrift.. The 2 Devilbeing a fpirit lath accefs to our fpirits, and can convey himfelfinto them,and inftill his fuggeftions : as the Lord Chri1 did breath upon his Difciples,& Iò they received the HolyGhoft, and were filled with the Spirit ; fo Satan breaths filthy fugge- ns 5° 3 ftions into the fpiritsofmen,, and fills themwith' all manner of wickednefs, malice, unrighteoufiiefs, he fills themwith the fpirit ofHell : Why loath Satanfilled thine heart faith Peter to Ana- nias ? Satan had fill'd his heart to lye to the HolyGhofi; Thushe inftilled thefe thoughts ofgain by robbery and murder in the Sabeans and Cbaldeans, and filled their hearts brim full : Then they refolve to at with the hand,and fo theybecome his inftru- ments. Laftly , Satan can do fomwbat more then injeéï and fuggeft fuch thoughts ; he can Mightily irritate and provoke, and fir up the heart tobe willing to give entertainment to filch a motion. He not only barely prelims his temptation , but vehe- mentlybacks;it, and will give no reft to a man till he yields to it r lChron, it.t. As it is Paid ofhis tempting David,that Satanfloodup andprovok- ed David to ntmb..r the people: He did not only injef,} fuch a thought into David, but he provoked him, he never let him alone, but followed him, folicited him to it. This Satan can do and yet hecannot preffe men to take up Arms for his de fïgns, all thole that fight under Satans colours are Voluntiers,he 'never confirains any,neither canhe, the Will is never forced by °hinz,neither can it be. Satan ufes no compulfion beyond a moral perfwafion well fet on ; he can but vex us (as the Midianite! did ljrael) with his wiles: He is an Achitophel, not an Aï exander ; a Machiavil,not a Cefar. This is themanner ofSatans working in thechildren ofdifobe- dience. All thefe things he can do ; yet I beleive he is not alwayes put to do all theft upon every one over whom he prevailes:Some come to this work on eaf.ier terms then others. He needs not . provoke and folicit them, a fuggeftion wins them, the very fight of an objea overcomes them: Yea force Rand ready offeringtheir . fervice unto Satan,and fitting themfelves to work any wickednefs he will employ them in. I have (hewed you the moil that. Satan . can do ; I conceive he had not much to do with thefe Sabe- oils to invite them to this War That wbieb is in mo- ttos.