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Chap. I. ''An Expofitian upon the Hooka'. J o B. Verf>q. pities, lay him molt open and obnoxious, accordingly he layes his fnares and fpreads his net. When he meets with a proud man, him he tempteth withhigh thoughts : When he meereth with a covetous man, him he tempteth to the love of the world,he layesa golden bait of profit before his eyes : The adulterous he leads to the Harlots houfe. For howfoever it be true, that every man hath in him a principle fuiting to every fin, yet it is a too, that every man is not equally aE,i:'ivefor,or dispos'd unto every fin, and every man hath not every particular fin predominant in him; nowSatan when he feeth what is predominant in any man, then hefathioneth and frameth a temptation futable:Heperceived there Sabeans were giveti to rob and fpoyl, and he theweth them a de- fireable booty. And have(lain thyfervants with the edge ofthe Sword. This is a further aggravion of the afiaìon ; they did not only fall upon lob's Cattel and took them away,but they flew his fer- vaut. A mans fervants are nearer to him then his Cattel, then his Oxen,and his Aíles;fervants are next untoour Children. So that this was anheightning of lobs forrow,not only are your cat tel gone,but your fervants are damn, and they are llain (faith he) with the edgeofthe Sword:the word in the Hebrew is,they are (lain with the mouth ofthe Sword. We read in Sccipture fometime of the face of the Sword, and fometime ofthe month of the Sword.' As ifa. 31. 8. where we translate, theyfhall flee from the Sword, the Hebrew is, they (hall fleefrom theface oftheSword, The like Text you have,Jer.25.27. Nowwhen the Scripture fpeaks of the face of the Sword, it is meant ofwar coming, or war preparing andapproaching.But the mouth ofthe Sword is war inflicted, war a6ted. This phrafe , the mouth of the Sword,is aired to íhewthat theSword is a great de vourer :Deut:3 2.42.1-will make mine arrows drunkwith blood, and my Sword (hall devour flefh.War hath a terrible face,it hath awide mouth and (harp teeth, They have 'bin thyfervants with the edge of the Sword, the mouth of the Sword bath devoured them. .A.t this day. we have great caufe to havë our hearts deeply af- fefed with this thing, There hath been (as it were) the face of the Sword a great while looking towardus, but now there is the . very mouth of theSwordgaping at us,yea tearing, gnawing & de- X 3 vowing 157;