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z 82 Chap. z. An Expofition upon the Bookof J O B. Text faith, that Hezekiah rent his cloathes. with indignationi that report filledhimwith a mixtureofgriefanti anger ; he was grim. ed that theholy name ofGod was blafpherned, he was angry with the blafphemer ; thefe cauled holy indignation, and this the AFt.14.13, rentingof his garments. Thusallo when Pauland Barnabas had reftored the Criple at Lyfira, the fuperltïtious Lyfirians would have done facrifice to them as Gods ; which when the Apoftles Paul and Barnabas heard of, and law the preparations (Oxen and Garlands brought-to the Gates) for that abominable idolatry, they rent their cloathes,and ran in amongthepeople,fáying, Sirs,why doyou thefe things. ? we alfo are menoflikepaons withyou. They rent'their cloathes with indignation,beiug grieved and next to fee men fo befotted, and God fo difhonoured. This aft ofjob in the Text, renting his garments, may refer toeither ofthefe, it may refer to all thefe. If it be demanded whydid yob rend his garments ? Ianfwer,firft, He rent his gar - ments for'thegreatneis ofthat forrow that was upon him in regard ofhis outward affliaion. Secondly,Hc rent his garments, to teftifie his deep humiliation under the handofGod, with repentance for all his fins. Thirdly, He rent his garments, being filled with in- dignation at thofe blafphemies which Satan fuggefted tohim.This latter I clear thus ; you know it was the main delign, theve- ryplot ofSatan to provoke job to blafpheme God,do this,faith he, Touch all that bebath and he will curie thee to thyface. He did pro- mile this tohitnfelf, and didundertake with God to bring job to that height ofimpatieuce. Iffo, then there is no quefhon , butas thefemeffengers offorrowcame tohim, fo Satan came with them, and pointed every meflàge with this or the like poifonous fuggetti- on. Now fee what aMatter you ferve, now blafpheme God 5, why fhouldeft thou make fcruple of thinking or fpeaking evil of him,who hath powred out all thefe evils upon thee ? Never hand fo much upon his honour, who hands fo little upon thy com- fort. It is no queftion but Satanprovok'd job in forne fuch man- ner. He was not wife to promote his own ends, unlefs he did plie him with temptations to blafphemy. Now Job being moil feniible of thefe, temptations, it being j to him (as afterwards to holy Da., vid, Pfal. q.2 1o.) as a fword in his bowels; while the Enemy laid unto him, where if now thyGod? He arifeth with indignation and foul-abhorrence ofthefe injeéf ions, rending bisgarments, &c. That for the fecond a6t. The third follower, And Verf. 20.