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ThéINTROZ77JG:T ION. wants or wounds : Though he be even benighted in his fpirit, though God himfelftake away the light of his countenance from him, yet God would have us learn and know, that over all thefe a true believer is more then a conquerour. For here is one of the greateft battels fought, that ever was between man and man, be- tween man and Hell, yea between God and man : yet Job went away with the victory. True Grace is oftenaffaulted, it never was or ever 'hall beoverthrown. 7. This alto we may learn : That God never leaves or forfakes his totally or finally. S. Laflly, The Book teacheth this general leffon : That the Judgments ofGodare oftentimesveryfecret , but they are never un juft. That though the Creature be not able to give a Reafon of them, yet there is infinite Reafon for them. Thefe are the general fifes from the general (cope and intend- ment of this Book by way of Inffrudtion. . Secondly, This Book ferves to convince and reprove that flan - *der ofworldly men andofSatan : who fay,that the peopleof God ferve him for their own ends, that theyfollow him for loaves, that they attend upon him eflate, for creature-comforts and con- cernments, The Lord did on purpofe caufe thefe things to be aced, and this Hillary to bepenned , for ever to flop the mouth of Satanand of all iniquity, and to thew that his people follow himfor love,for the excellency they find in him,and in his fèrvice.Though he flip them naked ofall they have,yet they will cleave to him. Here is one Confutation._ z, It is to convince and reprove all thofe,who judge of the fp= ritual efiate ofthole that are under the hand of God in fore afflicti- ons by fame unbecoming and rafh fpeeches, which may fall from them in the time ofthole .their confli6s , when troubles and fuf- £erings are upon them. 3. To convince and confute thofe. who judge ofrtens fpiritual eftates by Gods dealing with them in their outward eftates. 4. To convince and confute that curled Opinion, That a man may fall finally and totally away from grace,and from the favorof God. God hath (hewed by this Hillary, that filch an Opinion is a lye. If ever anyman were in danger of falling quite away from grace received , or might feem to have loft the favour of God,for- rrierly {hewed , furely it was job : and if he were upheld in the grace ofholinefs,and continued in thegrace ofGods love,notwith- ffandin ,.3