Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37. v1

The I 111 T It 0 13à 7> G Ì IÓ N: and)breathes fweetly concerning God,fhewing that his fpirit was full offweetnefs towards God,even while God was writing bitter things againil him ; as when he faith,Though he (till me yet will I truft inhim ; then which, what could exprefs a more holy and fubmifiive frame of heart, in reference to the dealings ofGod with him? Surely he thought God was very good to him, who had that good thought of God, To truff him, even -while he flew him. Thefe things being propofed concerning the Book in general, will help to caff a light through the whole at one view. And though at this time 1 fhall not enter upon expounding of the Text it felf,yet you have had infome fence, the expofition of the whole Text, ifyou carefully lay up thefe Rules, they will much advan- tage and advance your profit, whenwe come to the explication of anypart. T H