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Chap. r. Vert: A N E XP OS I T I ON- wtTH I'radical Obfervations Upon the F'irfl , Second, and Third Chapters of the Pook of J ® B. JOB, Chap. T. Verf. a, 2. There was a man in the landofVra, whofe name was Job, and that man was perfect and upright, and one th' fearedGod, andefchewed evil. And there were born unto himfevenfont and three ¿gush- terr,&e. His Chapter may be divided into three parts; whereof the fire contains a defcription ofJO in his profperous eftate, from the firft to the end of the fifth verfe. In the fecond we have the firft part ofJobs afiáion let down from the fixth vede to the.enc% ofthe nineteenth. in the third, Yobs carriage and behavour in, or his Conqueff and Vicoryover that firft trial, are difcovered ; this concludes in the three Taft verfes of the Chapter. Thedefcription ofhis profperous eftate is given us ïn three points. Fir ;That he was in perfon, Verf. I. Secondly, What in his poffeflions ; we have an Inventory of his goods, 2,3,4. Thirdly, What in his prahice of holinefs, Verf. 5. where one example or inftance is fet down forall the relf. The Book begins with the defcriptionof his perfon in the firft verfe : where job is defcribed by that which is accidental, and by . that which is effential. Éq