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Chap. I, _ An Expofition upon the Boók,óf J OB. trerCi .' garment is large enough to cover all our nakednefs and deformi- ties. In this refpect they may be called perfect, they are perfectly juftified, )3y one Offering Chrift bath perfietedfor ever them that are fanîtilied, =Heb. io. 4. Then there is a pertedion ofholinefs, orof fanctification ; and that is called fo,either in regard of the beginnings of, or in regard of defires after, aiid aimes at perfection. The Saints even in this life have a perfect beginning ofholinefs, becaufe they are begun to be fandífied in every part; they are fàn- fified throughout, in foul, andbody, andfpirit, as the-Alpoftle di- ífìnguifheth, a The1.5.23. Though every part be not throughout fandified, yet they are fandifed in every part throughout; and this is a per e Lion. When the workofSanEtification is begun in all parts, it is aperfed work beginning. They are likewife perfed in regard of their defires and intend- n3ents. Perfect holinefs is the aime of the Saints onearth, it is the reward ofthe Saints in Heaven. The thingwhich they drive at here is perfedion,therefore they themfelves are calledperfed ; As Godaccepts of the will for the deed, fo heexpreffeth the deed by thewill ; he interpreteth him to be a perfect man who would be perfect, and calls that perfon perfed, who defires to have all his imperfections cured. That is a fecond underftanding, how yob was perfed. A thirdway is this, He was perfed comparatively, comparing him with thofe whowere either openly wicked,or but openly ho- ly, he was a perfed man ; he was a man without fpot, compared with thofe that were either all overfpotted with filthinefs, or on- lypainted withgodlinefs. Or thus, Wemay fay theperfection here fpokenòf , isthe per- fection of fincerity yob was fìncere, he was foundat the heart. He did not at a part or perfonate Religion, but was a Religious perfon. He was not guilded, but Gold. So the word is interpreted. Some render it, jobwas aJimple man, ( not as Pimple is put for weak and foolifh, but as Pimple is put for plain-hearted, one that is not (as the Apofile_fames phrafeth it) a doubleminded man) f oa was afimple minded man, or a_Jingle minded man, one that had not a heart and a heart ; .he was not a compound, fpeak- ingone thing and meaning another, hemeant what he ípake,and he would (peak his mind. It is the fame word.that is uted in J e- eobs character, Gen. 25 2.7. Efau was a cunning hunter, a man E of