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-Chap. a. An"Exvofition upon the BookofJ.0 B. ilerf. .a . 27, cd. This is to be an upright man, and fo the Prophet tells us, Ira. 26. 7. The way of the ju(ít is uprightnefs, that is, they are upright in their ways, and more, uprightnefs in the abfiraC. we have a like expreffion , Prov. 29. 27. Thofe that are upright in the way, are ait abomination to the Wicked. uprightneffe Both refer to the way wherein a man goes in his outward dealings and difpenfations towards men. There is a twofold uprightnefs of our wayes. i. uprightnefs ofwords. 2. Ofworks ; fo up- right walking is expounded and branched forth, Pfalm 15. 2, 3. He that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteoufnefs, and fpeak eth the truth inhis heart. He that back-biteth not with his tongue. This is the fecond part of jobs defcription ; He waaperfect and upright. Thirdly, he was One thatfearedGod. Fearing God.] The fear of God is taken two wàÿes. Either for that natural and inward worfhipof God : and fo the fear of God is a holy filial affection , awing the whole man to obey the whole will qf" God : That is fear, ask is an affection. Or the fear of God is put for the external, or inflituted worfhip of God. So that a man fearing God, is as much as this : Aman wor- íhipping God according to his own will or according to his mind and Direction. Now whenas Job is Paid tobe a. man fear- ing God, you muf} take it both thefe wayes ; He had that holy affeáion of fear with which we mutt worfhip God , (as we are taught, Heb. 12. 28., Let to have Grace, whereby we may fhive God with Reverence and Godly fear ; And ferve the Lord with fear, and rejoice before himwith trembling, Pfal. 2. Fear is that affection with which we muff worfhip and ferve God.) And job likewife did perform that worfhip to God which he required, that is called fear, and the exercife ofit, fearing God. Fearing God is worfhipping God , As you may fee clearly by two Texts ofScripture compared together. In the fourth of Mat. verf a c. Chriff faith to the Devil , Ìt is written, Than -/halt warfhip the Lord thy God, and him only thou 'haltferve Compare this with Deut. 6. 13. and there you fhall have it thus exprefr, Thou(halt fear the Lord thy God That which in the one place is worfhip, in the other is fear. Again , Matth, 15. 9. In vain ( faith (shrift) do they warfhip me, teaching for Doltrine the Command- ments of Men; Now the Prophet Jifaiah (from whence that is taken) Chap. 29. a4.. expreffeth it thus. Forafinach as their E 2 fear