Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37. v1

AN EXPOSITION WITH Pra6lica! Obfervations UPON THE Three firít Chapters of the Book of 10 B: Delivered in twentyoneLeaures,atMagnus near the Bridge, LONDON. By JOSEPH CARY L, Mini,fier ofche Gofpel. James 5. ver. io, II, Takemy Beethren,the Prophets, who have fpoken in the nameofthe Lord, for an example offuffering afìiiion, andofpatience. Behold, we count them happywhich endure. Ye have heardof patience of Job, andhavefeen the end ofthe Lord : that the Lord is very piti- ful, andoftender mercy. LONDON, Printed by cwr. Simmons, and are to be fold- by Francis Haley at the end of Chanter, Lane next Holborn, 1669.