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Chap. a. . ,An;Expofition upon the BookofJ O B. 'Vert. 3. 43 who is fo. I remember the fpeech ofapoor woman, who having achild about eight or nine years ofage, and being oncein fucha ftreight,that hunger began to pinch them both; the child looking upon the Mother fàid, Mother do you think that God willytarve us ? No child, anfwers the Mother : The child replied, If he do, yet muff we love him andferve him. Such language from the heart, becomes and argues more then a child in grace, agroxrn Chriftian. -' They are filled with Chrift, who can starve, and ferve him. Solikewife are they, whobeing full fed, yet ferve him ; and temptations are greater upon the full,then upon the empty ; upon the rich,then upon the poor: The reafon of it is, becattfeas riches do ftir up luft, fo they give fuel, and adminifier Inftrutnents for the obtainingand taking inof that which luft calls for ; this po- verty doth not. Tbepoor (faith Chrift) receive the Gospel; the lame and the blindmake moft(peed, and fee .their roay cleareft into the Kiotg -J dame ofHeaven : But for richmen ( he faith, )' It is eafer for 'at' r9. 24a Camel top through the eye of a needle, then-for a rich man to enter into the Kingdome of Heaven. We fee now the Miracle aced inJob, the Camel is got through the needles eye job a rich at man is got through theneedles eye with three thò land Camels,&c. And the reafon was,becaufe all- hisCamells,Cattel,and Riches; did not take up -fomuch room in his heart, they werenot fo thick in his fpirit asone Jingle thred. All his outward eftate was kept without, nota Ihred,not a thred got into his fpirit. Take this fora third reafon why the Holy Ghott'doth thus exacNy let forth.the diveofjob, fcil. that Ihe might appear tobe an exact holyman... From the whole take thefe Obfervations .Firft, We fee here john holy man, very full of riches ,' then obferve, That riches are the good bleings of God, ` God 'would never have bellowed thernuponhisjobelfe. Left we should think richesevil, they are given to thofe whoare goodt.'And left rich'es'Viviti.e,ne thoulà.be, thought the chiefef1gvod they arc ivein to thofe that `Tai`` purenrtar . dmturboitis,nG are evil. 14.4 a certain truth that,God lever givet aay thing in irmngnt vet Pelf evil to thofea that are .good, nor. dots" he ever give the chiefeft'summa dantut good: toshaft, that are evil. Thereforeit fheWs, that rich es are O' matis. AuA gtiod,becaufe the godly have them,and it theWs,thatthey are not theiéhiefeftgood',becatrfett he Wicked ll'avetheta,: When' the 'GGa- fpel_calis1us to&ren®MittltilW dt a ;tip caflrpf tht` vórld it' alfsùs G 2 to