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Chap. I. An Expofition upon the BookofJ O B. Vert. g. 73 Iuterpretation,and how it is made good. And then leave it to the Readers Judgment, whether to chufe this or ehofe former which have had any countenance (hewed them. For in a Scripture,which may, without impeachment ofany truth, admit divers fences, I wouldnot be fo pofitive in one as to rejeC. all others. Now this Tranflation is maintained by.a figure , either by an Antiphrafis, which is the fpeakingofa thing founding one way when it is meant another way, when there is an oppolition be- tween the letter ofthe word, and the meaning of the word. Thus a Kings 21. 13. Naboth is charged for bleffing God and the King : fe. curling. Or by an Euphemifmus, that is, when force filthy or execrablematter is expreffed by a wordola fairer lìgnilication. So .o in Scripture , the uncleannefs of force things is covered with a word, that fo the offènfivenefs ofit may be removed both from the ear and phanfie. As for example, That velE1 wherein Nature doth nn6urthen it fell, it is called, a veffel wherein there is no pleafure : and fo the word that the Hebrews of for a liar- jer. 22.28: lot, fignifiesproperly a Holy woman, as Gen. 38. when judah Hof 8. 8. askedwhether they faw the Harlot, the word in theHebrew(Ke- defab) fignifies a holy woman, by anAntiphrafis or by an Euphe- 1j mifmets. Yet force think a harlot fo called, becaufe (holinefs being the dedicationofa thing or perfon)fuch dedicate and give them (elves up to, or are poffeílèd with, a fpirit of uncleannefs. But to the Text, take it by an Euphemifmus, or fair fpeaking ; It may be my fops have finned, and turfed God in their hearts s they even abhorring to ufe fach a word concerning God, exprefs it by bleffing ; It may be my fond have finned, and bleffed God in their hearts. So the Latines ufe the word , Sacrum, pro exe- ¿Uripertf d crando, that which is the moll execrable thing, they call a facred mes. thing, Now taking it thus according to the c©tnmon fl ream ofExpo- fitors upon theplace, it may yet be doubted, how Job could fùf- peft his tons ofthis, that they fhould curfe God ? I anfwer to that : Here we are not to take curling either' for that abominable a6 (at which Heathens blufh) the calling of open reproach upon the Nameof God : ór for a malicious and virulent, though fecret blafphemiiig ofGod,and fendingdefiance to Heaven in their hearts. But to curie God in the heart Both lignifie any irrcverent,undue, unfit, unholy thought of God, any thought unbecoming the Glory and Majefiy of lb great a .God, L which 0.