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Chap. t. An Expofitión upon the Boolt,of J O B. Vert 5. nually: and for a man to follow his callings fo, as that it may be Paid, he follows his calling continually. In that he offered facrifice as oft as his foils did'feati., Obferve this, That the heart of man is continually evil. Do not think that one facrifice will ferve the heart of man when it bath failed once in a duty,c& thou haft humbled thy Soul for that, think not thus, Nowmy heart will forbear, when I come to fuch a duty,or to filch a bufìnefs again; now I have taken order with my heart, Ineed not fear any more : No, the heart will fin over the famefin a thoufänd times, it will fin continually. You fee here job facrificing every time his fins feafted, he knew their hearts were apt to conceive thofe fins at any time, therefore he fecks God for them at all times. Further obferve, That renewed fins muff have renewed repentance. Thus did job continually. Till you have done finningyou mutt never give Over repenting. If there be a leak in the flip that lets in the water continually, the Pump muft work continually to carry it out:. We are leaking veffels all of us,fin cometh in,fin is renewed,there muft be the pumpof repentance to carry it out again. Lathy, Wemay note this PJobdid it continually,pbwa s not good by fits. That which a man doth out of confcience, he will do with perfe- verance. Naturewill havegood moods, but Grace isffead}'.-Thus did Job continually, whatfoever his affairs or bufineffes were-,whatfoever was laid by, he would not layby this duty of facrificing. Let this fuffice for the fifth verfè, containing the .care of job over the Souls of his children. And fo in there five verfes already opened; we have, Firft, teen the dignityand fincerityofyobs per- fon. Secondly,Thefulnefs and profperity ofhis condition.Thirdly, The holinefs and pietyofhis life.Certainly a man thus raifed,thus glorious, fet up thus in temporals and infpirituals, thus furnifhed withfitbfiantials and adorn'd with circumftantials, abounding in whatfoever could make a man great and happy, both in the eye ofGod andman ; furely fuch a man as this, a man thus corn- plea t, wanted nothing but tome want to try his finctrity in this ulnfs. And now behold this haftening upon him : God having thus fitted and qualified him, will now tryhim, try him like gold in the furnace of afflic`Iion, You may fee matter gathering for this,