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ou II 94 Chap, 3 2. An Expofrtion upon the B9ok, of j o B. Verf. 13, way with thorns ; Sevenrhly, to difcover or gain a teflimony of their fincerity. They ferve Chrift to purpofe, who can furfer whip they ferve, and bleed under his croire, while theymeat un- der his yoke. Surely then, there isno concluding againft any man that he is a fonof Bella', or hath call orf the yoke of Chrift, be- caufeChrift burdeneth him with his croire. Yet this was the great ÁIaxinne, which jobs friends it.fifted upon, He mull needs be awicked man, becaufe the Lord had thruft him downe, not man. But when we fee good men thruft downe by the hand ofGod, there is a better ufe ro be made of it, then to judge them, and that is tobe watchful! over our felves, left we put a rod into the hand ofGod to chaften us, or a fword into his hand toWound us, For as Chriff fpake ( z 3. 3 3 ,) If it be rhuo do.c to the greene tree , what fhall be done to the dry ? If Ch'rift íuffered fo much, whowas a greene flourinl,ing fruit-bearing tree, whet may we who are dry and barren trees ? Or take the meere Ions of men, fome of them comparatively to others, are as greene trees fiouritbing in grace and holineffe, who yet are under fore af- fiiClion; and if this be done to a greene tree, what !hall be done to thole who are but dry barren f:uirlefs trees , yea, trees that bring forth evil! fruit. The Apoflle ( Pet. 4. 17.) gives a fu- table caution ; Ifjudaeanens been at the honfeof God ( he does not fay at the Temwle of Idols , But if it begin at the heule of God ) what will the end be ofthole that obey not the Gofpel! Let others looke to it when they fee God affli&mg his people, when they fee Godbringing fuch troubles into his owne houle, what troubles may they expeol, who are indeed but a den of theeves, and whole houles are, yea who themfelves are as aCage of un- cleaane birds ? Thus we fee the great argument dilproved,which Jobs friends tiled to prove himwicked, becaufe God did thruft himdome, nor man. And, faithElihu, this is it you fay and boaft of, as your wifdonie ; but indeed you have not convinced job, no not by this. What you have taken for a demonftration, is but a fallacy. And thoughImight wave mine owne trouble in Chewing that it is fo, becaufe I amnet the man ( but ye are the men) to whom job bath fitaped his whole difcourfe, yet I cannot forbeare to doe it, only I'promife you, I will not tread in your Reps, nor take up your method in doing it; That's the fuinme of the words which follow, Verf.