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Chap. 32. An EYpofitian upon the Bookof J o s.. Verf. 2 n. x norance is., but I am lure this nefcknce is not Only the mother of devotion, but a great poynt of devotion it felfe. And in this fence every godly man, ana Only a godly man knoweth not how to doe evill. For as the wicked may have the Theory of goodworkes, and know what it is to pray, what it is to heare the word of God , yet they have no skill, they are not fludied, nor fitted for the pra- oliie of thofe workes ; So a godly man may know in fpeculation what it is to doe wickedly, and how to doe it as well as the moll wicked man in the world, yet he is not at all diîpofed nor ready for the praaife of any wickednefs. As nature makes us reprobate togood, fograce to" evill workes. The Prophet fài:h of a bad -fort of men, (ferr 4, 22. ) 7 hey are wife to dje evill, but to doe good they have no knowledge. Were they an ignorant people ? No, the meaning is, they had not fet then,felves to learne the doing of that good which they knew ; theirs were nor fins Of ignorance, but of wilfulnefle, andperverfneffe. So on the other h:md,'tis- the commendation of the people of God, 7hey are wife to doe good, but to doe evill they have no knowledge. Iknow not to give fatter- irg titles. Secondly , As to know a thingor perfon, imports the allow- ance and approbation of it. ( Pfal: s. 6. ) The Lord knoweth the way ofthe:rhteors; that is, he approveth ir. (Pfal. rot. 4. ) I will not know a wicked perfn ; that is, I like him not, I regard him not, I will never give him teflimony, he (hall nciher have my hand, nor my heart-. So, not to knowy a thing or perfon, notes our difallowance and diflafl of eirher ; in this fence Chritl will fay to thofe great knowing profe(rors ( Luke i 3. 27,-) I tillyore, [know younot whence you are , depart fromme, &c. Thus, here when Elahu l'-rofefíeth, I ¡<new not to give flattering titles ; his .meaning is, I like not, yea, I cannot abide to doe it. I may be. as much skilled as any man td fpeake high words, po`hbly I could 'Court it as well as others, but I have no heart to doe it, yea it is the abhorrence of my foul° to doe it, a good man do!h not ap- prove the doing of evil, and therefore thooNh he knowwell enough howtó doe evill, yet he is truely fay. d not to know how to doe it. Thirdly , Not to know a thing, is not to be accuflomed , or praiifed in it. Thus when Èlihu faith, I know not to give flatter- mg titles ; he feetnes to fay, It is not mymanner, ¡Save not been S 2 sífed