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54r4 Chap. 33. An Eepofition typon the Book of ]'o B. Verf.x, We wereferule among yon , even as. a2.,urfe cheriíheeh'hér Chil- dren ; how tender is anurfe to the infant hanging at her breallt or dandled on her knee. Speakye Comfortably to].erufalem, was the Lords direétionwhen the was in her Warfare ; that is ,, in a troubled and afflicted condition. (Ifa. 40. 2.) The Hebrew is, Speak to her heart.; fpeak fuch words as may revive ber heart, and adde fresh fpirits and life to her. The Apoftles rule for the refto ing of thofe that are fallen, is, that they should be kindly treated. ( Gal: 6. 1. ). Brethren, if aman be overtake: in a fault, ye that arefjirittsail reflorefuch an one with the fpirit ofmeekneffe. Jr is a great poynt of holy skill fo to order a reproofe as not to provoke; to to fpeak as ro fpeak open, or pick the lock of the heart ; Affeétionate Entreaties are bleifed pick-Iocks, which doe nit firaine the wards, but effectually lift up the holders and thoote the-bolt of the heart, cauung it to Randwide open ro re- ceive and take in the truth of promifes, counfels and reproofes Meeke words meeken the ffririt. 'Tis hard to refufe what 'we perceive fpoken in love ; and if any thing will foften a hard heart,- foft'language is molt likely to doe it. When Abigail came out and met David upon his way, hot upon revenge, yeahaving ( up- . on the matter) fworn revenge againft Nabal and his houfe , yet her Entreaties and mildwords overcame that mighty warriour, at leaf+, took of the edge of his fpirir, and of all his party, ( Sam: 25. 33. ') Nor did he only accept of or fubmit ro her counlel,`but gave thanks both to God and her for it Blefed be the Lord, and buffed be thy advice, which haft kept me this day from fhedding blood. Gentle words,like gentle raine, foake deep, and make the foule, like 'a fruitful( tree, bud and bloí%me. For as paflion in the fpeaker, begets pafl'ion in the hearer, and heate brings forth heate, fo kinde and kindly words, arenot only molt ufefull, but molt powerfull. There is a rebuking, and that Cut- tingly, or a fpeaking ofcutting words, ufefull in Come cafes, then ëlpecially, whenMiners have not onlydone evill, but are fetled and refolved in it. Butin cafe of of ie ion, fpecially of inward aífli&ión, or trouble of fpirir , foft words areheft and doe bea. IIcare, Ipray thee, faith Elihu, And hearken to all my words, Here's hearing, and hearkening, to hearken is more then to heare;