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Chap. 3 3.- An Expofation upon the Bo%,of R. Verf. 3. 155 fpeak that as a truth, or a Comfort to others ,which we have not found in our felves, that is, have not felt the operation of it up- on our owne hearts. How are they to be lamented,, who fpeak of the things of God as aStage-player, who a6ls the part of, or Per- fonates a Prince, being himfelfe but a poore plebeian. Xis bad to fpeakwithout our hearts, of coldly, but 'tis w.orfe to fpeak what was never in our hearts, or hypocritically. Thirdly. , Not'a few fpeak quite againft their hearts ; thefe are at farthef+ dif}ance from fpeaking in the 14prightneffe oftheir heart ; they fpeak with a falfe and malicious heart , they fpeak with a deceitful anddouble heart,with a heart and a heart.There are three wayes wherein men fpeak againft their owne hearts and Confçiences._ Firfl , In the profeffion which they make of themfelves,, ( Rev.r 2. 9. ) Chrifl writing to the Church of Smyrna, faith," I knew thyfaith andpatience, &c. and the Blafpherny of them., whofay they are f ewes and are not, bat lye, &c. And fo at the 9th'verfeofthe 3d Chapter , Which fay they are (ewes and, are not, bat doe lye. We arc not to underftand it flriefly, that they profeffed themfelves to be of the Nationof the .ewes, the Chil- dren of Abraham. A Jew there is, any one that holdeth out profeffion of the faith of Chrifl. Old Tel-lament words are often applyed to the NewTeflament, or Gofpel, flare ; they fay they are jewes, that is, true believers, but they are not, and doe lye ; to lye, is to goe. agaiiafi a urns mind, againft his Confcience ; they make a great prófeflion of godlinefiè and holineffe,of Chrifl' and his wayes, and they lye at every word ; Mr indeed they are the Synagogue ofSatan. Thus at this day force make profeffion before the Church of God, andby fuch profeffion get admittance into the Church of God, who yet belong to the Synagogue ofSa- 'tail. The Apoflle- ¶ohn fpeakes of fuch, ( gyp: Joh: i. r9. ) They went'out from us, but they werenot oftms ; that is, they were not trulyof us, though' they once delired to come in and joyne themfelves to us? and for a timewalked with us. Secondly , The tongue fpeaks againft the heart many times in the promifs which men make ro others' of what they will doe. O what Courtefiesand friendfl-dps will force men profeffe I they will tell you aloud how they love you, ana how much they are your fervants, while there is ndthing in their hearts, but deceit X e and-