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176 Chap. 33. An Expofition upon the Book of J o B. Verfr,. anfwer me, fee thywords in order before me, Hand up, Behold,1am according to thywtfh.Speake freely, and clear( thyfelfe, if than art able, thou haft free leavefor me. Vert. 5. Ifthou cànfl anfwer me, fat thy words in order before me , hand up. - This -veffe may have a fourfold refpe&: Firfl , To the infufficiency, or incompetency of fob's parts and inrelle&uals to deale with Elihu in this matter ; as if they werea darinchallenge,:Anfwer me if thou canti, doe thy worts. And hence fome of theAncients charge Elihu, as if he came pp- on job boallingly, and fpake thus in the pride of his owne fpirit, and in the difdaine of job, at once toThew and flight his weak- nefíe , If thou canfl anfwer me. As if ( like fome irrefragabl. Doctor ) he had faid ; Ifhall 'Peak fuch reafon, as I know thou csmït not anfiver ; doe what thou cano, fet all thy wits awork,e, and beate thy brainsas much as thou wilt, thou wilt but loofe thy la- bour, and weary thyfelfe invain. Thus the meaningof , Anfuer meif thou can't, is, Thoucan't not anfwer. But I fuppofe Elihu, ( though hot fpirired enough)was yet of abetter fpirit & temper then ro fpeak either thus proudly of himfelfe,or delpiungly of fo worthy aman as he had before him ; nor did Elihu look,Upon Job as fuch a puny to him,or fo much his underling as that he durll not- - hold up the Bucklers in difpute againll hint'. Elihuknew Jabwas an old experienced Souldier, well veri'd in the wiyes and things of God. And therefore Secondly, (If thoucanfi ) limy rather referre to the weak- nefle and foarenef'he of lob's-body, to the wounds or troubles which he had received and felt from theAlmighty in his fpirit, then to any inabilityof his mind for argument. As if Elihu had faid ; I confider howit is with thee , thou art aman di feafed and rii flempered in thy body,fitter to bye upon or keep thy bed , then to Hand up to a difpttt , fitter for -a hofpitall then for the Schooley. Thoualfo'hafl -a troubled andan a Holed fpirit, I doubt thou art not in cafe toanfwer me,or tofoundup longer in a wayofdifpute ; but this I fay, ifthou canfbanfwer me, praydoe : fit thy words in order be- foreme. Iwill notlay this burden upon thee, unleffe thou art wil- ling -to take it, unleffe thoufade thou haft flrengthand fpirit to heart