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17s Chap. 3 3.: Añ Expofition upon the Book, of J o B. Verf.s. the marfhallingofan Army; and fo is elegantly applyed here in this matter of controverfie, or polemicall d courfe. Set thy words, thy reafons, thy arguments , as it wee in battaile aray againft me ; we had the word in the former hapter at the í4t6 verfe. It is applyed alto to the exa&nets of the heart inprayer, not an afftecedexa&nefs or curiofity about words, Or to word it with God, but it notes exaanefs or fpiriruallnefs rather inme- ditating and difpofing the lrongeft Scripture reafonings , to pre- vaile with God inprayer. Prayer is, as it were, a battaile fought in heaven, not inwrothor revenge, but with faith and holy rub million. Thus did acob when he wraliled with the Angel,.. (. Gen: 3 z. ) And thus DDavidipeaks (Prat: g. 3. ) In themorn- ing Ivoilidirecî ray prayerunto thee, andwill lookup, or,Iwill mar- pall my prayer, I will bring up petition after petition, pleading . after pleading, even till I am become like fasob a Prince with God, till I have won the field, andgot the day. Thus the word is applyed bya metaphor both to difputations with men;and fup- plications toGod. Further, we may take the meaning plainly without any firaine of rhetorique, Set thy words in order before me. Methode is good in every thing, either an exprcife or a covert methode. Sometimes 'tis the bell of art to cover it ; in . fpeaking there is a fpeciall ufe ofmethode; for, though, asone Paid very well (fpeaking of thofe who are more curious about inethode, then ferious about matter) Methode never converted any man ; yet .methode and the ordering of words, is very ufe- full. Our fpeeches shouldnot beheaps of words , but words bound up, not a throng of words, but words fet in aray, or, as it were, in ranke and file. The Prophet (foel.z. s ) defcribes a terrible Judgementof God by aftrèngpeople fee to battaile aray. In purfuance of which fence, Mr Broughton renders the next wo -ds, not ( aswe )Rand up, but Rand to a, as Commanders fay ; to their Souldiers, ftand to. it ; and the Italian tranflation' thus ; Set thy words in order before me, prefent thy felfe . to the Combate. Staguafrin a- Thus he continues the metaphor ; As if he had laid Chufe thy,, tie, adpugnan. ground, andmaintenue it like avaliant Champion; Idoe not defire dum contra me thou (houldlb an inch ofground, yeild to nothing but the convincen- truth, difpute everypatch with me, (land isp, Rand to it ; (land as if dtim me ratio- ow. wert to fight a battaile, not only for thy honour, but for thy aabrss. 3?xuf: life. The Apotìle (.. Cot ::t G> it 3.) (peaks in that language about