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Chap. 3 2. An Expofition upon the Boob, of o B. Verf. 2. 2 a fpirituall integrity. And therefore whenhe faw the Glory of God was like to beobscured through his abafemenr, and to be ecclip- fed by the ihadowesand darknelf whichmencart upon his Mini- fiery, then he tboke due honour tohimfelfe, and made the moil of himfelfe,according to truth, in the eyesof alLthe world. Thus I have (hewed what jufiifying ofour felves is lawful(, and I have (Rine it that we may more clearely difcerrte, what I am to lhetw next Secondly, Namely, what that jùfiitying of our felves is,which indeed is unlawful(, reprovable and blame-worthy.; I !hail in- fiance it .in a. fewparticulars. Fìrg, They jullifie themfelves finfully-, who doe good with a delire tobe feene and applauded of men for it ; thus Chrif charged the Pharifees ( Math: 6..5. ;Theypraylanding in the Synagogues, and in the corners oftheflreets, that they may befeene of men ; and ( ver: x 6.) They diffigure theirfaces, that they may appeare unto men tofafi. It' is not a fin to be feene of men in do- inggood, but todoe good to be feene of men is finfull, and the patching up of a felfe-juftification. Secondly., They jufiifie themfelves finfully, who would pre- tend, or feeme to have done that good, which indeed theyhave not. There is as much ofthis hypocrite lodging andworking now in the hearts of the childrenof men, aswas of old in the heart of Saul (x Sam: 15. 13, 14. to the zzdverse) who profefied high- ly to have fulfilled the will of God to ahaires breadth ; Bleffed be thou of the Lord ( laid he to Samuel) d,have. performed the commandment ofthe Lord; Thus he iniffed upon his integrity, and jufüfied himfelfe to .the. face of Samuel, who quickly con vinced him that he had- done the Lords worke to halves. Thirdly, They juflifie themfelves finfully., who either totally . deny, or extenuate and leflen the evil( that they have done ; this kinde of finfull f lfe-juffilcation was opened largely at the :3 3d verfeof the former Chapter,upon that imprecationmade by :fob, Ifd covered mytranfgrefon as Adam,.. by hidingnine iniyarty in nsy,bofome. I referre..the Reader. thither,for .a fuller..difcovery of it. Fourthly, They jufifie themfelves finfully, who mingle their ovine workes with the workes or righteoufnefie of jefus Chriii for juflification ; for though fuch pretend to Chrift, and fay they take L.