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AN EXPOSITION W I T H Pra6lical Obfervations CONTINUED UPON The Thirty Second, theThirtyThird, and the Thirty Fourth Chapters of the Book of JOB 0 B E I N G The Suiifrance of Forty-nine Latures, delivered at "'Wpm! Near the Bridge, L O N DON. By JOSEPH CARY L, Preacher of the Gofpel, and Paflourof the Congregation there. Prov. e 8.. 17. He that isfirft in his owncaufe, feemethfull; dut his neigh- bour comet andfearcheth him. LONDON, Printed by cí`Yi'. Sirsatnans, for Giles Widdower, and are to be fold at his Shop at the cMaiden-head over againffi the HalfMoon in Alderfgateflreet near 7earenflreet, t 669.