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Chap. 3 2. E1n Expofition upen the Book_ of J o D. Verf. 3. draw the faw of contention as well without end aswithout caufe ; fo others cannot find an anfwer where it is ; yet when they can- not answer , they can cenfure and condemne him for wicked or perverfe, whom they cannot provefo. 'Tis much eafier to fay a man is faulty, then to find his fault ; yet they who have a mind to find faults, arefeldome to feeke for fomewhat or other which they call fo. Note fecondly. To condemne opinions or perfens when we cannot anfiver them, uapr4íhfe,yaf`ily condemnable. 'Tis unjuft ( as was intimated before ) tocondemne amanbe- fore he is heard. For though poifibly aman unheardmay have ju- tlice when he is condemned, yet all agree'ris iniu(lice to con- demne him when he is not heard ; Now if it be injuflice to con- demnea wicked manbefore he is heard, how unjufl is it to con- demnea-man inwhom we can find no wickedneffe after we have heard him. Thirdly , From the manner of the phr-afe here uted, Note. T. condemne a man 4 to render hint wicked. Condemnation (as.was (hewed) is due only to the wicked, and if an innocent be condemned, he is reputed wicked, and re- ceives punifhment as guilty. As that fentence of condemnation which proceeds out of themouth of God againfl impenitent fin- nets and evill doers,'bindes the guilt of their evill deeds upon them, anddelivers them up topunifhment;fo he that condemnes his brother, fafineth guilt uponhim, and fpeakes him deferving, punifhment ; for as where guilt is , punifhment followeth, fo a fault is conceived togoe before. There are thefe three things in fin, the fault, the guilt, and the blot, or pollution ofit ; he that fafineth geilt by condemnation, fafineth the fault and blot much more , how fad is it then tobe defervedly under condemnation ?- And how great is the priviledge of beleevers, to whom (. though in themfelves they deferve it) there is no condemnation ! (Rom.8. 3.) 'heywho in this life are part condemnation, are alto oaffed from death to life. Many are condemned who are good in the fight of God;but all condemnationmakes amanwill, yea wick ed,