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Chip: ; a. An Exprrfrtion opon the Book, of J o N. Verf. 3. 33 Thus Elihu condemned,Job many wayes,, but he condemnedhim not, without finding ananfwer. Yea, I may fay; Elihu is he, who in this great controverfie and di4ficulty,'hath found an anfwer, and yet bath not condemned Job, that is, he bath not condemned him as his three friends had condemned him : He condemned not lob as one perverfe and crooked inhis wayes, he condemned _himnot as one that feared not God and efchewed not evil! , He condemned himnot as an hypocrite, rotten at heart and unsound in hiseftate ; Thus Elihu found an anfwer for Iob, but condemnedhim not , no not while his wrath was kindled againll him , 'becaufe he juCtified hitvfelfe rather then God. And the procetfeof this booke will i1lew , that though ,EGhu { in the fence fpoken of) condemned not,fob , yet he found art dmanfwerable anfwer, fuch an anfwer, as CO which Tob neither could nor would make any reply; and that is the fpeciall buf- -neßè we have to looke at in profecuting his difcourfe, even to finde out the anfwer which he found ; for that will be as the key of the worke, to open the whole matter tous, and to 11iew us wherein lob had either fayled or exceeded, either in bearing - the crolfes layd uponhim by God, or in managing this contro- verfie with hts friends. Fog',