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Chap. 3 a. An -Expo/it-ion upon the Book,of J o o. Verf. 8. 57 widened it. WhenMofes, was fo finfully =deft , as to excufe his Embaflìe to Pharoah, fuppofing himfelfe not fitted forfuck an undertaking ( Exad: 4. s o, xi. )O my Lord, I am not elá- quettt, neither heretofore nor fine thou hall fpoken unto thyfer- vaut,boot Iamflow offpeech, andofa flow tongue. God prefently put the queition tohim, tyro loath made mans month? &c. As if he had faid , Cannot he give words into thy mouth, who gave thee a mouth.? cannot he aó thy organs of ipeech who made them? Now therefore goe and I will be with thy month, and teach Eft dew nn- thee what thou 'halt fay. The Infpiration of the Almighty 'halt bts,finter cont. give thee underlfanding. Heathen Poets have boafl:.ed of their mercia cæli , raptures and infpirations. The people of God have a promife offedib:u `there- the Spirit to lead them into all truth, and to helpe them in main- vent.ovde raining thofe truths. , From this generali, that the furniture of the underlfanding is the gift of God, or by Infpirationof the Almighty, take thefe hints by way of Coralary. Firf&, If a right underlfanding flow from the Infpiration of theAlmighty, then pray for anuñderflanding,pray for the Spirit; Tehave not becaufe yeaske not, faith the Apoitie ( James 4. a. ) God gives wiídome, but he gives it to them that aske it ( Jam: T . g.) Ifany manwant wiídome, let him ask_it ofGod, whogiveth liberally and upbraiderh not. God upb;aideth us not, either with our want of wifdome, or with the abundance of wiídome that he ispleated to fupply us with, and give out to us. When Solomon was put to his choice what to aske, he faid, Give thy fervent an undertandingheart. God gave Solomon wiídome , but Solomon asked it ñrft. All good things are (hut up in promifes, and the promifes are opened togive out their good things,when wepray. ('Prow. a3. ç.) tthen,thou C'ryes after knowledge, and l frefl up thy voyceforunderflanding, then 'halt thou underfland the feare ofthe Lord, and find the knowledge ofGod. To pray well is tofled:e well, becaufe by prayer light comes in from onhigh to make flu- dies fuccefsfull, and the worke to profper in our hand. As the Almighty breathetlfdowne on us,fo we muff breath up to rhe Al- mighty. To expe& and not to pray, is to tempt God,not to trul him. Secondly , Doe not onely pray for wiídome, but ufe meaner, and be induftrious forthe .obtaining of it ; Thegift of God doth not