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11 4 Chap. 3 5. Expoftion upon the Booko.f' J o B. Verf. Ia}. Elrhu would have job ( and to Ihould we) trufí God, though he could not fee him, and laid he íhould not. Thoubait faid, thous ff alt not feehim, ,et trufiz in him. Laftly , From the illative pa ticle, therefore (that is, becaufe .judgement is before him )`troift thou in him. telore hence ; The eonfideration of the Righteoufnefs and loftier ofGad, is a mighty argument to provoke Ms to truf him, and wait upon him. Ttuft is not every bodyes due ; fome (as we fpeakproverbial- ly) are to be truttedno farther than a man can throw a Miiftone, that is, they are not to be tru(led at all : Trutt (I fay) is not every bodyes due : but to truft God is every bodyes duty, yea and inte- re(l too,for he is clotthed as much with righteoufneisand jufice, ashe is with firenth and power. Will you not traft an honett man, will you not eruft a wile man ? We can come ro a light of confidence inman fotnetimes,ifwe thinkhim a man ofjudgement and wifdome,of honeflyand faithfulnefs, we can mitt all we have in filch a mans hand ; how much more thould we fay toGod, fee ing judgemert is before him, therefore will we troll in him. We have an eminent Scripture , urging this duty upon this ground, (ifa. 30, 18.) The Lord is a god ofjudgement ( Judgement is there taken in the fame notion as here in the Text, he is a wife anda jutl God,theLord is a Godof judgement, what followeth) feed are they that wait for him. There can be nothing laid, more urging, more encouraging towait and Craft on God, to do -ts right, then this , He is a God of lodgement, 4righteoass God, judgement is before him, Thus far-of the good counfel which Elihugave Job in this his dark and deferted Bare ; and counfel it was worthy to be em- braced with both armes, and with an open breaft; and that lob had need of ir, he (hews in thenext words, while he tells joband us, itwas not fo with him yen, asappeared by the fad. Band. of God uponhim,, and his own diflernper under ir. Q D9