Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v11

(Alp. 3 ç . n txpofrtron upo x the li eo( ¿ of J o s. Vett. 2. 3 Verf. a. Thinkefi thou this to be right, that thou faidit , my riyhteoufnefs is more than Gods? In this verte Eau enters his renewed fuit againfl job, or here he propofeth what he had to charge fob with ; Thinkeft thou this ro be rightr ?rid in the next or third verfe,he endeavours to make good this charge, or to prove that fob had laid to ; for thoubalk Paid, &c. As if he bad faid, I will prove it to thy face, that thou had laid, My rightcoufnefs is more than Cods ; for thou haft Paid, .what advantage will it be unto thee , and what profittheft !have, [be cleanfed frommy fin ? So then in the fecond verle you have the charge, and in the third the proof of the charge. 7hinkefi thou this to be right ? The word which we render to think , notes more than a bare non thinking, even the deviling, or curious contriving of a matter in An hoc cogi- the brain ; haft thou formed this in thy Imagination, and conclu- to i `" .i713 ded it in thy linderftanding for-right, for found, and wholfone Rib` Dod}rine,for a very truth ? Theremay be a threefold expofition of thefe words: FirfI , As an appeal to fobs own bread ; Thirkeff thou this to be right ? let me ask thee the que(lion, Haft thou faid well in this ? doff thou believe thou had ? let thy Confcience judge, and make anfwer. f doubt not but thou wilt be felf- condemned : And in- deedno guilty perfoncan be abfolved, himfelf( ifhimfelf) being judge. Secondly , Wemay look upon the words, not only as an ap- peal, but as a reproof, or objurgation ,; Yhinkefb thou this to be right ? What man inhis right mind would think fo,l thou toldeft thy wife in the fecondChapter, Thoufpeakef like one of the foolifh women ; and may it nor now be cold thee , Thoufpeakef? Ike one ofthe foolifh men? Would any man in his wits utter a word of this,import, a word of fo profs a favour, of fo dangerous a refleli- onupon the Juliceof Cod , or fo much as intimate hitnPelf by any the confequences, more jull, more righteous than God ? why bath fuch a word dropt from thy mouth ? Thus he chides,checks, and reproves him. Thirdly., Theft words may have the lenfe of a denyin, que- ftin; 7hinkez. thouth!s to,ba ight ? Surely Job thou doff not think