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124 'Chap, 3 ç. anE.rpoftion span the -Book, of J o u. Verf.a s. pleafure againfi him. ,As thee Sctipturesare aproof 6f the Lords anger kindling agäintf his people when they (in ; fo we find the Church represented praifing' the Lord for quenching the Ere of hìsange-, ( lfa r2. t.) And in that day thoufbalt fay,OLord, l will polite thee :.though thou wafi-angry with me, thine anger is rr-rned away, and those cotsfortefi me. When we turn from God, his anger is turned ag;inf} u', and when we turn to God, his an- ger i., cu-ned áNay from us. When theLord is angry, what can comto :t us, but the turning away of his anger ? And by the very ad of to ning away hisarger, he cornfo:ts us, though all the world be angry with us. But formmay fay , How do:h the Lord , 'who is Paid to love his people with an everla(fing love, vifit them in anger ? To clear that, we maydiffinguill, of anger. Fi fi, There is corre&ing anger : Secondly, there is confu ming or,def}roying anger. Defiroying anger is incontinent with everlafiing love, but no: correcting anger : correóting anger mry be very. grievous,, therefore the Prophet deprecates ït,(fer. ro. 24. ).Corrett me,O Lord, in 3udgement, not in thy anger. The Lord cloth often exercife ( that is as often as there is caule, and We give himcaufe coo often to exercise) a fmàrt and .fevere an- ger towards his own people; but his confuming and del}roying anger is the lot and portion of the wicked ;Ifhts an-;er bekindled heat a little( namely again(} his enemies) bß'e f ed are they that troll. in hits ; Meltd are they that believe, when that anger of the Lord breaks forth againt} unbelievers. Or we may flare it thus ; Firf} , God is angry with finful perlons ; thus he iseng:y with the we id, or withwicked men. Secondly:, God is angry wish perlons for finning, ( there is a great difference between diele two ;; anger wich frnul perlons, and anger withperfons for their fir, or for finning) and thus he, is angry with his own people, even with the godly, when they fin, thoughnot for every fin. Further, We may diflinguifh of anger thus; There is anger, mixedwith a define zof raking revenge upon thofe that we are an- gry with, a revengeful anger : thus the Lord is angry only with the wicked. Of this anger Mofes (peaks, having defcribed apre- fumptuous (inner, who believes not only without a word, but a- gainfi the word,who who's heheareth the wordof the curie, bleffeth